Official Vampire Diaries Episode Description: "Heart of Darkness"

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Tyler Lockwood is coming back to Mystic Falls.

As previously reported, this much-anticipated return will take place on April 19, following a two-week hiatus for The Vampire Diaries. What else can fans look forward to on the episode titled "Heart of Darkness," installment 19 of season three?

The CW has released the official synopsis, posted below. Consider this a spoiler warning...

Tyler vs. Klaus

Elena and Damon set off together to make sure Jeremy is safe in Denver, and to see if his special abilities can help reveal the information they need about ancient vampire bloodlines. It doesn’t take them long to learn that Jeremy has been hanging with the wrong people.

Stefan and Klaus both go to brutal extremes in their search for the missing weapon. Caroline is thrilled when Tyler returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus. Matt has his hands full trying to keep Rebecca busy organizing the school’s upcoming 1920s Decade Dance.

A road trip? A school dance? The teasing of Forwood? Count us in! Based on this description, what are you most excited about?

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@San, I agree! I thought that last nights episode maybe would give us a bit more time with Caroline and Klaus but they still have not had a scene together since she FAKE flirted with him to distract him from Kol. And any other time he flirted with her she was guarded or yelling back at him. So I dont really know what Tyler would be pissed about other than Klaus having a crush on Caroline, which shouldnt surprise anyone sense shes AMAZING.




Caroline is thrilled when Tyler returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus. Am I missing something? Sure, Klaus was kinda obsessed with Caroline (before he burned the pictures he painted of her) and they flirted A BIT - but as much as I liked thinking about "what if", I wouldn't say there was something "going on". Caroline always seemed quite guarded. @tyluv3 no you're not ;-)


Is anyone else extremely annoyed about the 2 week hiatus!!!!!!!!!! We just had a month, either make the show return in February after the winter break,or end it early!
Go Delena!


Woohooo! Another Elena and Damon road trip :D


Excited that Tyler is finally back in town. Should be interesting to see what Tyler thinks about Klaus and Caroline. I guess the fall out of tonights episode between Stefan and Elena will send her off to get info with Damon. No surprise with "Jer". I actually like Rebecca....would like to see more of Kol though.


No question, Klaus and Caroline scenes!!!I adore them :)


forwood was what really pulled me into this show and the story I was most excited to watch unfold this season; to say I've been disappointed, would be putting it gently. I wish I could be excited for their reunion, but I'm not interested in this klaus-Caroline-Tyler triangle (that makes absolutely no sense to me!!), and I really wish the writers would use Tyler's precious few minutes of screen time to develops his character, add a bit of depth, instead of this jealousy angel which does nothing except to further back Tyler into a corner. He either shuts up and takes it( Caroline and klaus' flirting) or dies (because there's no way he'd win in a fight against klaus). All of which really bums me out- think i'll save myself the disappointment and skip it...


I am a Denver girl come visit me Damon!


The Vampire bloodlines... The CW got ahead of themselves. We don't know anything about that. Such teases!!!!!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Elena: Why don't you ever let anyone see the good in you?
Damon: When people see good they expect good. And I don't wanna live up to anyone's expectations.

You're good Stefan again. You're in control. You might get the girl, but you lose the edge.


The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 19 Music

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Florence the machine never let me go Never Let Me Go Florence & The Machine iTunes
Mississippi twilight starting now Starting Now Mississippi Twilight iTunes
Song Dying To Be Born Civil Twilight