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I think you tried to extract wider meaning here where there was none. While it does buck the trend of demonising the wealthy by making Russell just a normal guy, telling Nick to grow up isn’t a message to the occupy crowd. Nick only built his 99% persona because he had such a low credit score he can't get a phone; It's his fault that he is in this position, and hiding from this behind ungrounded occupy rhetoric is a childish attitude. If anything it is critisising those who jump on the 99% train as a means to push the blame for their shortcomings away from their own lack of effort. There are employment problems casued by the income gap, but sometimes you need to look at your own actions before pointing the finger.

As for the feminism concept, I agree with tanner. The message isn't 'You need to be taken care of by a big strong man', but far more 'don't just go for weak men and fall into the role of the mother'. Jess lets herself be exploited by the weak, and she needs to give herself the chance to be in a relationship where there is a better balance.

At least that's what I took away from it.

Thought it was a great episode, top notch writing and performances here.


Nick isn't really an Occupy guy; he just regurgitates the rhetoric. So no danger of "New Girl" suggesting Occupiers have to grow up. The one who has to grow up is Nick.


I loved so many one liners from this episode!!!!

I think Cece was just saying that sometimes it is nice to not have to baby your significant other or provide for them. It seems that is what Jess did with Spencer. So why not try something different where she could be pampered and treated like a lady. I didnt take anything away where CeCe said she should basically let him support her but rather I think she meant spoiler her. Which in the end is what I think would come from this relationship bec I saw a spark between them that was beyond providing for the other.

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