NCIS Scoop: Cote de Pablo Teases Tiva Trip to Colombia

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What will happen between NCIS' Tony and Ziva when they go to South America together next month? Cote de Pablo (Ziva) shares some insight on that very subject in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Cote notes that on one of the last trips Tony and Ziva took - to Paris, in Season 7's "Jet Lag" - the pair gave conflicting reports about the nature of their interactions, keeping viewers guessing as to what took place.

That was exactly their intention, she says.

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“The France trip was really great, lots of fun. But Michael [Weatherly] and I had our own agenda. The way we played scenes was that something definitely happened, even though it was never addressed,” she recalls.

On the show's next new episode, airing April 10, the pair takes a trip to Colombia to work a case alongside a longtime friend and mentor of Ziva’s, played by guest star Karina Lombard of The L Word fame.

According to de Pablo, during the course of the episode, this character from her past, who viewers will meet for the first time, seeks to instill in Ziva the realization that life is a series of important choices.

“In this particular episode, I can’t say that much happens, but at the end, there’s definitely a moment where you may take a closer look at the way DiNozzo may feel for Ziva,” she teases.

With three episodes left for her to film this season, de Pablo says she’s not sure how the events from this episode will influence the end of the current season - or the 10th season starting next fall.

“That’s a really good question and I talked about it with [EP Gary Glasberg] and the writers. I think they have a little bit of information they’re not giving to me,” she says. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

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NCIS is nothing like Dawson's creek expect that Sasha (Kate) was on few episodes that's the only thing NCIS and Dawson's Creek has in common. now Kate wasn't that nice to Tony she told on him like a kid like when Tony frat brother dated her and she cried Gibbs and lets not forget when Tony was dying she told Nurse Emma about the guy he tongued and Kate always acted like she was better then him, now I liked Kate but shes left ant the end of season 2 and was on the 1st two episodes, and they talked about her over the 7 years but shes gone and I like Ziva better.


Editor, et. al.: What is all boils down to is that NCIS has become "comfort food" for most viewers. Its the same formula week after week, with bits of soap thrown in for diversion, and a laugh or two. I enjoy it for what it is, but I'm not going to start hyperventilating over it, or its characters, or the story lines. House is ending. In a year or less, all of its ardent (and very vocal and extremely rude) fans will barely be able to remember what Hugh Laurie looks like. When they do see him again, he'll be older and probably balder. When NCIS ends (and, yes children, it WILL end some day), not long afterwards Mark Harmon will gain ANOTHER 30 pounds and sprout even more liver spots on his handsome, yet aging, puss, and have yet another version of that horrible haircut that he's sported for the past 30 years. And all the rabid fans will have moved on to another TV show and another "hero." In the meantime, try to be nice to each other. In a few years, some of you are going to be very embarrassed by and ashamed of some of the remarks you've made and the cruel things you've written to others. And mostly you'll realize that NCIS was just another TV show that you enjoyed, and you'll wonder what all of fuss was about.


Ziva David is my favorite character on NCIS. Cote De Pablo is a WONDERFUL actress. In my opinion she's the best actress on T.V. Her episodes are always the most interesting and well written on the show. I'm also a big Michael Weatherly and TIVA fan. Looking forward to this episode.


TIVA ! TIVA ! TIVA! TIVA makes NCIS #1. I can't wait for this episode. Thank you.


I admit I'm a little leery about getting too excited about this ep,but yet I am looking forward to it. Even if it isn't a "Tiva" ep, I just like the idea of Tony and Ziva getting away from DC and the team. I think they both need to do this. Cote makes it sound like "nothing" will happen, which is too bad, because I think these two have alot to talk about before they can even think about a real "relationship". And I have to say I don't need to see Tony showing his feelings for Ziva, as he's the one who has been doing that for awhile now. He layed it on the line in Housekeeping and A Desperate Man, and I find it hard to believe Ziva didn't notice. I'd love to see Ziva showing that she cares about Tony, as I havn't seen any indication of her feelings since sesaon 5. But that's just me. I'll be happy for some genuine honesty from either of them at this point. And let's just hope it is a well-written ep with both Tony and Ziva written in character.


Michael did you forget to take your medication today? Please take your medication young man.


@ editor Your one to talk all I ever see you do is bad month Gibbs Tony Vance Abby Ducky Mcgee but treat Ziva like she walk on water. You are no different then all the other people who are just Tiva fans Kate was a better agent and female then Ziva and YOU KNOW it that why it are a bully to Michael


Ziva has always been snide and self-righteous if you were a fan of the show you would know that ncis4evr too bad your not or you would know about Dead Man Talking but since your one of the many drinking the Ziva kool-aid you don't care for NCIS just Tiva which is sad.


NCIS4evr - Great comments - I am sooooo tired of old Kate. She has been gone for what 7 years now and she wasn't even that good for the 2 she was on. You are never gonna win with Michael. He/She/It is just poor "Johnny One Note" and never listens or says anything but hate for Ziva and love for Kate. Not worth listening to or reading - when I see He/She/It in any and all instances I ignore He/She/It. Remember - the hate gotta hate.......


Well, I only hope this is the start of the relationship we have waited years and years to see.
Tony and Ziva have such amazing chemistry together - we have seen it lately with their little conversations in the bullpen at the end of many episodes.
I can not wait to see it again.
As to the comment about HOUSE - did that show have 20 million plus viewers.NO
Can you compare the two shows AT ALL - NO
Is Tony a wacky character or is Ziva a wacky character like House was - NO
NCIS has been on for 9 Seasons - in time it will have to end people.
Don't blame TIVA for the demise of something as natural as time to move on.

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