NCIS Finale Teaser: Ducky to Play Key Role?

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With NCIS officially renewed for next fall, talk has turned to how the current season will end. Long story short: Get ready for an episode featuringa major cliffhanger and binding together the lives of multiple characters.

Would you expect anything else from NCIS?

We know that Ziva's relationship with her mentor and friend will be explored this spring and factor heavily into the finale, which is being painted as a character-centric puzzle in which various pieces come together.

How will the other characters fit in?

Gibbs and Duck

With Palmer's wedding on the horizon, it looks as though Ducky may end up in a compromising situation, as well, based on recent comments from executive producer and show-runner Gary Glasberg.

Glasberg is quoted in EW as saying:

“Ducky’s going to have his hands full. We’ve got a situation where there will be injured and bodies and he’ll have a lot on his plate. That combined with Palmer’s wedding ... there’s a lot going on."

"Ducky is an integral part of this team and we’ve figured out a fun story for him. I’m excited to see how David McCallum embraces it and how the whole team participates in it. I view suspense and edge-of-your-seat as fun.”

Share your theories on this latest NCIS season finale teaser below ...

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keep all of the gang, I would miss everyone of the regulars take janet Lee off they don't need her to make the show good. I love this show it great,if Ducky want's to leve it ok but this 70 year old will miss him.


i love the show.i look forward for tuesday' gets better each week.i agree with Linda please dont kill ducky off.i know jimmy is good but hes nothing without ducky.LOVE THE SHOW ALOT.


"Ducky" has a great senior following: he rounds out the total demography of the audience. Take heed. Give him at least another year. Heck, I'm 71, and McCallum is still a rather youngish 78....He's needed, and necessary!


I wholeheartedly agree with everyone begging for the life of Ducky. He is one of my favorite characters on my all time favorite show. He injects just enough heart and comedy to lighten the mood during some very serious cases. The only thing I dont agree with everyone about is the lack of love for Vance. He's the first director that I thought actually acted like a director. Shepard was too soft and Gibbs walked all over her. I really like the interaction between Gibbs and Vance. Vance is the first one with the cast iron marbles to keep Gibbs in line... well as much as its possible to keep him in line. But you still occasionaly see his softer side, like his deep love for his family. Anyway, I hope you dont kill of Vance either.


Keep Ducky---and keep the restt of the cast---best team ofn TV---yu do not ditch a goodd thing when you have it----


Don't forget Palmer is medically trained. He will come across Ducky on the beach, do CPR, and bring him back! Palmer is the hero, Ducky survives and all is well in TV land. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


keep the Duck, after so many years after U.N.C.L.E, it was great to see such a talented actor as David McCallum back in such a sparkling role, if he is retiring then best wishes, but if he can be persuaded to stay then beg him.


They won't kill Ducky. He has a 2 year contract signed in April of this year...


Ducky was Illia Kuriyakin (sp?) in man from Uncle.
Somehow I knew that you would kill off Duck in the last episode. The quickly covered paper and the out of nowhere new will with Jethro as executor. Mr. McCallum just may be tired of being ducky, he does have a real life you know. People change jobs or retire.
Palmer will not replace duck, but who will they plug in? This could be a great guessing game. How about Hugh Lowrie? I think that is the guy playing House.
They need a late 40s to early 60s guy (or gal????) with dignity, gravitas, and a touch of twinkle in the eye humor. Who in the bin of dusty celebrities do you think they will dust off and plug in, if indeed ducky's goose is cooked. I doubt it would be Betty White.....but you never know.


Please don't kill DUCKY, he is one who holds this family together.This show is the only show that i watch and I do watch it over and over.

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
Ducky: The Earl of Trent. No, I can't say I have. Why?
Tony: I was just wondering. Thanks.

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