Mike & Molly Review: Family Emergency

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When "Peggy Goes to Branson" this week, she leaves her dog, Jim, with Mike and Molly. She thinks it will be good practice for when they have kids, but it turns out that Mike is having second thoughts about starting a family.

And who can blame him with a mom like Peggy? She’s definitely not what you would call a very maternal individual. Rough around the edges, and tough with Mike, she doesn’t exactly inspire delight at the idea of having children. In fact, it’s because of his mother that Mike is worried he won’t be a good dad.  

Mike, Molly & Dog

Joyce isn’t a beacon of hope either. She admits to Molly that she never even wanted kids, and that Molly and Victoria were rather vulgar accidents. With their respective moms, it’s no surprise that Mike and Molly are concerned about having a family of their own.

For Peggy, her real baby is her dog. When Jim gets sick, Molly and Victoria race the little guy to the vet. I have to admit that I think Jim is a pretty adorable dog, especially when Victoria draped the little blanket over his head in the car. 

I think one of the reasons why I like Victoria so much is because I appreciate her humor more than that of the other characters. I’m a sucker for silly, absurd jokes, and Victoria’s bubble-headed personality tends to lean that direction. I loved it when she thought the lizard – sorry, iguana – was a dog. 

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The other quips in this week’s episode were even more bathroom-focused than usual. This is partly due to the fact that Jim’s illness was caused by an intestinal blockage, but there are still only so many crass poop jokes I can take, and "Peggy Goes To Branson" had a few too many.

By the end of the episode, Mike and Molly still hadn't reached an agreement about having kids, but they were a couple steps closer. But Jim's illness does have a dangerous side effect – it gives Peggy some more leverage to guilt trip Molly. I can see that causing trouble down the road, maybe even into Mike & Molly's third season.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are Mike's parenting fears founded? How do you think Peggy will use her guilt trip privileges? 

Peggy Goes to Branson Review

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