Michelle Borth Promoted to Series Regular on Hawaii Five-0

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Things are about to get even hotter in Hawaii.

Michelle Borth, who has recurred on Hawaii Five-0 as Lt. Catherine Rollings over the last two seasons, has been promoted to series regular, Deadline confirms. It's unknown at this time exactly what prompts the character to stick around, or what her status will be with love interest Steve McGarrett, but the promotion kicks in this fall.

Michelle Borth on Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 is on a break and will return with a new, serial-killer based episode on April 9.

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@amazingalex.... I did the same today reading the tweets especially from Craig Robert Young who is filming in Hawaii just as the guys from NCIS LA. sofar I can see he still didn't confrim Alex is back on the set we only get BTS from Cullen, Chin and Danny and it seems to me Danny is leading again! I am getting really worried about Alex now this is not a good sig. What also is weird they had said in the oress that filming would start next week! and now it seems they are already on day 2 of the crossover!


I dont know the more I am reading tweets the less I think alex is on set. Isnt it a bit strange that danny is the one in the finale who is spoken of in the spoiler?? Plus he is the one who is approached from the informant?? All the pics posted of this episode are mainly of scott. I am starting to worry again. Maybe alex isnt back after all. It seems danny is leading the team again. I guess I have to just wait to watch to see if steve mcg is in these episodes afterall. I guess if he isnt it is best for alex. :(


@zia -- They are currently filming the Hawaii part of the crossover, I believe that filming of the LA part was finished over a week ago. Both LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell are currently in Hawaii filming their scenes.


@Diana......thanks, I watch NCIS LA, but did not see a picture of this guy who was tweeting, and did not know the name of the actor. So they are still filming 2.21, which is the first part of the crossover. I did not realize that the Comescu family from NCIS LA was part of this. I guess since it starts in Hawaii, thats what brings Callen and Sam to Hawaii where they meet with 5-0. Now I'm getting a clearer picture. Those who do not watch NCIS LA would not know that. Thanks for clarifying.


@diana..thank you. I had a feeling I was missing something. I tried to figure out who he was because it seemed he was known on set. I dont watch NCIS LA so thank you so much for this characters backstory. I will need to know all of this to understand the crossover. I am finding it a bit confusing. This helps alot so thanks again. :)


@amazingalex -- FYI Craig Robert Young isn't playing a cop. He is reprising his role from NCIS:LA where he played Dracul Comescu in two of their episodes. One being the season finale last season and the other being the season premiere for this season of NCIS:LA. And just so you know the Comescu family is a Romanian Crime family that has a major beef with G. Callen's family and as such has been trying to kill Callen since he was a child. They even went so far as to have shot Hetty during NCIS:LA season finale last year.


Someone tweeted PLenkov and asked if Wofat was in the finale, and he tweeted back that he was in 2.22. So the spoiler that HFO copied was for 2.22 and not the finale that I thought of when I read that. OK, so I guess who ever is being knocked off has nothing to do with Wofat and the Yakuza, unles 2.22 has a carry over for finale. Wow, all sorts of things going through my mind.


Craig Robert Young who is filming 2.22 (he is an actor playing a cop in this episode) has been tweeting bts pictures and tweeting about the episode. He finally answered the many alex fans who asked if alex was there and he said yes. (He has been ignoring the question for days.) Phew!! I was getting worried because all his pics are of DDK and Scott but none of alex. I am thinking they are trying to keep alex's privacy. I am so glad he is back. I am not going to speculate about who is gonna die, I am just going to wait and see. But still really happy catherine is back!


Jschoi....exactly, I agree, they said Lori was going to be a new team member appointed by the governor, they have not said that about Catherine being on the team. She is still in the Navy and it keeps their connection with the military since Joe will be gone and Steve is a reservist not on active duty.
They refer to Michelle as reprising her role as Lt. Catherine Rollins.


I have to agree that Steve/Kono should be nothing more then boss/employee. People think that because Grace Park is older, that the character she portrays is older. She is only out of the academy by a couple of years which would make her around 24, McG is 36. Kono calls him boss. Steve is involved with Catherine. Hopefully Kono will get involved with someone and this will go away. I don't think people need to be concerned that the Steve/Catherine relationship will be the focus of the show. The show is about the task force and the McG family history which is how it was formed as 5-0. Just because Michelle will be a regular does not mean that every scene will be her in Steve's bed. Give the writers some common sense and credit. This is about the team, they are portraying human beings, so relationships outside of 5-0 should be shown, but how often do we see Malia, Grace, Rachel, or Gabby. They have stories, but they don't take over the show.