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So happy to hear Cat will be a regular. @martinelli & amazingalex, yes she's adorable! Steve needs good loving! Something to look forward to in S3!


@Amazingalex - Good for her? Sure! And good for us. We're going to see Alex shirtless, lol.


@zia,.thanks for that. I could not figure out the schedule. :)

Pics of 2.20 are out but alex is not in any of them.:( I have a feeling he will only be in the beginning of the epi but that is alright.

@martinelli..oh that is exciting, she is adorable. Good for her.


Michelle Borth has made the occasional appearance as Lt. Catherine Rollins, but according to Deadline Hollywood, Borth will be now be a series regular.

Yesssss!!!!! She's adorable.


Very pleased that Alex will make an appearance in ep 20. I have advocated him taking as much time as needed, but I believe he could be in the rest of season and just be more of a boss and avoid the heavy action and not risk further injury.
Being around people who support him, like the cast and crew, can be the best medicine at this point.


@Amazingalex.....Yes, 4/2 is pre-empted due to basketball. 2.20 is scheduled for 4/9, then another 2 weeks of repeats. We will see the last 3 episodes in a row starting 4/30/12. Then one long wait until the middle of September. At least they all get a long rest, hopefully, before they start filming in July.


@zia..I hope he does too. 3 months is a long break so let hope he gets nice and healthy and takes good care of himself.


@Zia and Lena.....Oh my gosh, alex will be in 2.20?? Even if it is brief that really makes me so happy. I miss that guy!! Thanks for the updated girls.

Hey when is 2.20 airing? I thought 4/2 but my dvr says basketball. I am confused.

Lenkov tweeted he gave the studio the final episode of season 2 and he is on to writing season 3. Yayyy!! Could not be happier we get a season 3.


@Amazingalex....great news that Alex will at least make an appearance in 2.20. I hope he takes it easy over the summer break.


From twitter:

[Mary ‏ @erienne1983
@PLenkov In ep 2x20 Steve's presence will be strongly reduced or he will be absent at all? #H50

Peter Lenkov ‏ @PLenkov
@erienne1983 he'll be in the ep]

It seems Steve will have a few scene's in next episode makes me happy :)

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