Grimm Review: All in the Family

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Some of Nick’s backstory was filled in on "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I’m happy that we’re learning a little bit about Nick’s past, yes. It’s just that Colt was so shifty I wasn't sure what to believe. Was he even telling Nick the truth? I want to go with my gut and believe everything, but in the end his main goal was to get the coins back for himself.

Titus Welliver on Grimm

However, it’s all we have to go on, and I might as well take him at his word. The little investigation Juliette did seems to at least corroborate with Colt’s story, and he did (supposedly) love Aunt Marie. So, going with that, it seems Marquesa killed (or was at least involved in) the death of Nick’s parents in a search for the coins and Aunt Marie went on to raise him. This opens up a few possibilities: Nick’s parents were Grimms or maybe had knowledge of them thanks to Aunt Marie.

Talk about a family business.

The coins are interesting because it’s the first time Grimm has really focused on an item steeped in tradition and history that gives the user the possibility of power. That’s usually Warehouse 13’s department. The coins gave Renard charisma and leadership in the same vein as Hitler, and his mysterious phone call could bring out some unintended consequences.

These coins seem like something any kind of creature would like to have, and Grimms are tasked with protecting them. Could a potential war be brewing? Probably not, this is a procedural, but it definitely brings to light one of Grimm’s strengths in storytelling: it’s ambiguity. Things are left open constantly, and it’s up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions for a lot of things.

The coins don’t bring about dreams, however, and Renard definitely wants to be a leader – a leader of what, exactly? Again, it’s hard to say with such ambiguity, but it’s probably this creature-filled world. He clearly like’s his perch at the top of the food chain, but to control it and have people follow him and his ideals? That’s true royalty.

The only gripe I had with “three coins” is the lack of the rest of the cast. I’ve really come to enjoy Juliette, and Eddie is always fun to have around. Juliette’s little search for Nick is a great way for her to potentially further her insight into Nick’s secrets. I just wish Juliette would get curious about Nick again; maybe this is the way to do that?

The bromance between Eddie and Nick brings most of the humor to the show and he’s a much better partner than Hank. With all the attention he gave to the cameras in Nick’s trailer, I kind of wished Nick had invited him back to watch the old film. I would have loved to get Eddie’s take on Hitler being a creature.

Other thoughts:

  • Were the flags in Renard’s dream something we’ve seen before? Were they the symbol on the coins?
  • Nick is now the one with the coins. I wonder if he’ll ever decide to use them.
  • Nick is really beginning to be at ease at being a Grimm, he no longer tries to actively hide it from criminals and he’s now beginning to put his own stamp down in Aunt Marie’s trailer.

Three Coins in a Fuchsbau Review

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