Grimm Review: The Damsel and The Quest

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"Plumed Serpent" was easily one of the most imaginative episodes of Grimm yet.

We all give Once Upon A Time a lot of credit for bringing fairy tales and Disney to life, but Grimm should be given its fair share, as well, for delivering its own unique style and spin on things. How the show is shot, and finding the whimsical in and around Portland, can’t be easy to do every week. And that's before they bring it all together as a modern day fairy tale.

Plus, who doesn’t like epic lairs? Those always get a little bit of extra credit from me.

Grimm Teammates

My biggest gripe with Grimm continues to be the lack of Eddie. It’s hard to like Hank at all when there’s a much better alternative out there for Nick. Honestly, did Hank serve any kind of useful purpose this week?

Contrasting that with Eddie, he continually puts his neck out for Nick. He didn’t know Juliette before tonight; he just blindly followed Nick out of mutual respect and friendship. Risking being burnt to a crisp all, really, for an introduction to Juliette.

Speaking of Juliette, I thought for sure she’d finally find out tonight. There were so many great opportunities. Many emotions were heightened, I’m sure adrenaline was pumping (Eddie has said creatures can show who their “true colors” during highly emotional times). The cave or car ride really felt like two of the more opportunistic times to at least begin that conversation, but this isn’t a fairy tale and even though Nick did save his princess from the dragon, their relationship is still very much up in the air right now.

Juliette is right, there’s only so much she can take, and her life is increasingly becoming more and more dangerous the further Nick descends into being Grimm. The flashback with Aunt Marie telling Nick he has to end his relationship with Juliette felt especially poignant because her warning, as we now know, comes from experience.

Eddie’s words to Nick about a Grimm being murdered by some reapers? That certainly sounds ominous. Perhaps I wasn’t so far off in wondering if a war is coming? Eddie’s uneasiness of being seen with Nick in that bar certainly bears some attention as well. Are others pressuring him? Is he still being threatened?

Finally, I have to end with something that is driving me crazy: Where are all of these on the lam creatures going exactly? How many are we going to let run away in what is supposed to be a procedural? I know Nick technically killed the murderer, but his crazy stage five clinger of a daughter is still out there now.

Other thoughts:

  • Danielle Panabaker as a Damonfuir really messes with my Stuck in the Suburbs memories.
  • What on Earth was the copper for?
  • Eddie’s love of trains makes him even more awesome.
  • I was hoping Daniel Baldwin would have gotten more to do.
  • The scorched outline of the two criminals on the warehouse wall is probably funnier that it should have been for me.

What did you think of tonight's Grimm?

Plumed Serpent Review

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