Grimm Review: Bloody Cookies

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"Island of Dreams" pulled from its past back into the present this week, and, as is always the case with Grimm, we were left with more questions than answers.

Juliette Takes Aim

The biggest person to come walking back in to the present was Adalind, who we haven’t seen since "Danse Macabre" when she attempted to get closer and closer to Hank. As it turns out, in our time away from Adalind, Hank decided to keep business and pleasure from intertwining, but that’s nothing a few blood-tainted cookies couldn’t fix.

And Adalind couldn’t have done it without a little help from Captain Renard. Renard continues to slide under the radar. Even as we get a little more from him every time we see him, there always seems to be one half of the coin that is shrouded from our vision with him. Are he and Adalind partners? Or is he much more interested in his goals and, as long as she stays within his limits, she is free to do what she wants?

However the outcome turns out, one thing stayed constant during all of it: Hank. The guy is so stereotypically bad at his job now it’s comical. At this point his only purpose now is to be a foil in every investigation since he seems to always be in the crosshairs of any magical item that crosses his path. But at least he got to make his best-blood-laced-cookies-in-the-world face.

For all the boring that Hank dished out, the Grimm world was expanded for the better with Rosalee, who decided to stick around in Portland. Which means Eddie gets to have just a little bit more to do since the two of them hit it off a little bit.

Rosalee seems to have arrived just in time, too, because Wu decided to enjoy one of Hank’s blood cookies. As it turns out if anyone other than the target eats them they could die, but Team Nick came together to save him. Although Wu doesn’t seem to be the same anymore since he’s now eating his couch cushions.

I’m going to bet against the odds and say he probably won’t be calling Nick for help with that.

Overall, Grimm’s first episode back wasn’t the best it has ever done – especially as a stand-alone episode. The case wasn’t particularly interesting, but this doesn’t feel like one that can be taken as anything other than the beginning of the rest of the season. There was a lot of set up, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Nick is no longer worried about hiding being Grimm. He easily uses it to further his own investigations and intimidate people. I continually wonder, though, if Grimms have any abilities. Eddie has his smell and strength. Does Nick have some type of ability other than recognizing who people are?
  • The Grimm Grossness Factor is alive and kicking this week with Wu’s disgusting boils, the drug addict who decided to sew his wound together, and Adalind’s gross looking bloody cookie dough.
  • Nick’s other life continually gets closer and closer to Juliette, who didn’t get to do much other than shoot a gun.
  • What exactly was Hank having in bed without Adalind’s touch? That was awkward to watch.
  • No more breaks for Grimm! It's all new every Friday until the season finale. What makes things even better is the show has been picked up for another season!

Island of Dreams Review

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