Grey's Anatomy Review: Crossing The Line

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After what seems like a lifetime, Grey’s Anatomy returned with "One Step Too Far," an episode that proved this series can still bring the drama with the best of them.

The hour focused on pushing boundaries but knowing when you crossed the line.

The staff flirted with each other, Catherine Avery used another doctor as a spy on her son, Mark pushed Jackson to find fun; and most of these are innocent enough. But occasionally, they went too far.

Such as Owen dropping the bombshell on his suspecting wife. Let’s discuss.

Back to Neuro?

Uncle Phil! James Avery guest starred as a grieving husband and reminded us why his time on Fresh Prince of Bel Air was so enjoyable. The man can make you feel! Rebecca Hazelwood brought the sexy as Catherine Avery’s co-worker, and Summer Glau returned as Nurse Emily.

All three guests were pretty much awesome. Speaking of Nurse Emily...

Two Patients in Trouble

Can You Stop Screwing My Husband? Cristina was sure Owen was cheating on her with Emily. Most of us fans were positive that if Owen had strayed, it was with this girl, causing us to instantly hate her.

As soon as Emily admitted to flirting with Owen but promising she had never gone there, a little bit of disdain lifted. This is a well-written character and I don’t think I am alone in wanting her to stick around a while.

Then the bomb got dropped. Owen is a cheater! The Chief admitted to straying from his marriage, making our hate for Emily pass right on to him.

Introducing Emily caused us all to believe she was the other woman, but turns out there is someone else. Well played, Shonda, you definitely threw us off the trail.

These two have had some serious ups and downs and there isn’t really an easy way of fixing a broken marriage.

Glau on Grey's

Oh, Smashed Up Face? That was bad. The lightest moment from the episode came from our originals talking over lunch. These moments are too far and few between, much like the great scenes between Bailey and Richard.

Cristina calling Rebecca “smashed up face” was hilarious, and I have to admit, I let out a giggle. 

Alex has not had the best luck with ladies and it looks like that is about to change. Intern Morgan is most definitely smitten with him. Giving him the relationship/saving complex with a patient has been done and this character deserves better. He needs a relationship with someone he doesn’t have to save and hopefully that can be Morgan.

Is she only interested because he is helping save her son or is it genuine? That is an answer we will have to find out before we can make a call on this budding relationship.

Richard in a Tux

Uh Oh, Grey’s. Derek having Mer back on his service did not go too smoothly.

Mer and Lexie caused damage on a patient that can’t be fixed. Who’s fault is this? My vote is on Derek. He never should have left them alone with his patient. Looks like Mer will be headed back to general surgery.

The Averys Get It Done. Catherine got her flirt on with Richard and made him feel like a man, all while inserting a new bladder they had built. Plus, she rocked that gown. Jackson finally got some action. Mark is going to be pleased.

Some Afterthoughts:

  • Richard really is a good man. No doubt about it.
  • Jackson should stop wearing scrubs and wear a tux every episode. That man is gorgeous!
  • Morgan wanting Alex to get in the picture - creepy or sweet? I can’t decide.
  • Quick appearances by Callie, Arizona, April, and Teddy. Let’s get these lovely ladies some more screen time.
Handsome Avery
All in all, a pretty great episode. We had to wait weeks for it and we are going to have to wait again for the next new episode. So while we go through so more Grey’s withdrawal, let’s discuss the episode.

Are Owen and Cristina over now that Owen is a cheater? Who did he cheat with? Should Alex hook up with his intern? When are we ever going to see Meredith and Derek’s dream house? How about predictions for the remainder of the season?

Until next time, TV Fanatics. 


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cant be teddy, she hates him!

Greys anatomy 1 fan

You know who i think Owen cheated with? I think it was teddy... When christina said she was going to teddy sugery owen said NO super quick. I wished that meritdeth Got pregnent. Christina needs a baby to.


@Rabblais: Mer didnt push Lexie to keep going, she tried to page Derek. I agree that she's guilty in some aspects but Lexie really wanted to do it. Mer should have stoped her but she's a resident , she's not the atending to tell lexie what to do. Lexie shouldnt do it in the first place, her atending was not there, she was really really irresponsable. Derek shouldnt left them there , but he had an emergency. So I would blame Lexie and Mer, but most of all Lexie. Derek was right, she was really arrogant, just because you have a photographic memory doesnt make you a good surgeon. I dont like her, she always plays the victim , i agree with derek when he was saying if shes not strong then she shouldnt be a surgeon.


ahhh!!! ok 1. What is up w the weeks in btwn new shows!?!? HATE IT! 2. that british chick was annoying and hope that was a one time thing for her, not even that pretty or an interesting character. 3. Poor Cristina:( i love her and Owen together and I hate that they are having problems! hope they can work it out. and whoever he cheats on her w, hope its Kepner. I just really hate Kepner lol she annoys me to no end. so if she did it, Cristina will DESTROY her haha. Wish there was more Arizona and Calli and Teddy. Oh and Mark and his new gf, i liked her a lot. but love this show!!! Shonda you always surprise me lol


I think there is something odd about Morgan.She is not Alex's type,not very attractive.and rather strange. I feel there is a reason the bf left and it's more than he doesn't want tied down to her and the baby. Alex better be careful. Hope I am wrong. I feel another Ava coming on. Where is izzie? She needs to return to GA. A few years back the writers commented that they did not kill off Izzie to cancer leaving the door open for her to return. Hope they keep their word and she returns in the near future. I too can't see Alex with anyone but Izzie.


The one thing that I like about Grey's is how they take real issues of things that people do, and relate it to medicine. The theme about not going too far was really well played out in today's ep.
It was Derek's fault that the patient became gorked. He should have been there and told them to not do anything other than remove the cyst. He also should have let it be that Mer chose General instead of neuro. She is great at neuro but she can't be trusted fully yet. General is where she should be. I don't think Neuro is where Lexie should be either. I wonder what happens next.


I dont think Owen cheated either. I think once Chritina starts feeling all crumbled he'll say "You see how you feel right now. I feel 100 times worse than that since you killed our baby." I think he wants to break through straight to her heart. Ironically the organ she loves so much.
I hate all the mind games and the back and forth. I wonder where Shonda is going with their storyline.


Lots of dumb elements. 1. Why have Mer, who hasn't done neuro in a while, in charge of Lexie, who has. Mer pushed Lexie to go further in the surgery. The comes back and both she and hubby blame Lexie for going further. Meredith is the one responsible. She took the blame when dealing with Derek, but then threw a guilt trip on Lexie. Mer has issues over control, has had them from the beginning...that's one reason she was off neuro, but it's blame everyone else time. 2. Don't blame Owen for any cheating. Christina is impossible. A bit of give here and there and things could have worked out. She was as cold as she could be. Then she turned around and blamed the wrong person for the whole cheating thing...without even knowing for sure if there had been any. 3. Of course, there are a lot of characters hanging around. It's possible that Meredith, Derek, Christina and Alex will not be there for the next season. That would change the whole dynamic of the show. Frankly, I'm in favor. DerMer is old hat. They've had their quarrels now for eight years. Christina is relationship poison. Alex can't get his priorities straight. Far simpler to re-create. Have Lexie as "the" Grey and find her a reasonable partner. Sloane is twenty years older...there were some issues with Meredith and Derek over age and Lexie is several years younger than her sister. Jackson has no idea what he wants. April should find some nice guy (she might have been perfect for George...) 4. Too often, the issues are way overdrawn. There's been almost no character development. I saw some episodes from Years Four and Five on Lifetime. Meredith and Christina are still talking about being each other's "person." Meredith and Derek still have work-related trust issues. Lexie is still the sensitive one whose feelings get stepped on. Alex varies between being a heel with women and the guy who gets stepped on when he tries to be a decent person.


I've never really liked Hunt,he and Cris rushed into marriage without discussing family.I just can't see him ever persauding Cris to have a baby.Cris will have to forgive his infidelity, Hunt will have to forgive Cris for the abortion,otherwise their marriage won't survive.
If a CoS has an affair with a member of his staff, that'd be a huge scandal. Disappointed that Mer isn't going back to neuro but I'm not surprised.What will Shonda resort to now if MerDer can't fall out over work issues?
Morgan is emmotionally vunerable, bf has left her to lookout for their sick premebaby.Arizona is already worried by the dependency Morgan has developed on Alex.This is a diversion Alex doesn't need.


@ Kyrhyn : so happy to see that someone else shares my opinion !

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