Grey's Anatomy Review: Crossing The Line

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After what seems like a lifetime, Grey’s Anatomy returned with "One Step Too Far," an episode that proved this series can still bring the drama with the best of them.

The hour focused on pushing boundaries but knowing when you crossed the line.

The staff flirted with each other, Catherine Avery used another doctor as a spy on her son, Mark pushed Jackson to find fun; and most of these are innocent enough. But occasionally, they went too far.

Such as Owen dropping the bombshell on his suspecting wife. Let’s discuss.

Back to Neuro?

Uncle Phil! James Avery guest starred as a grieving husband and reminded us why his time on Fresh Prince of Bel Air was so enjoyable. The man can make you feel! Rebecca Hazelwood brought the sexy as Catherine Avery’s co-worker, and Summer Glau returned as Nurse Emily.

All three guests were pretty much awesome. Speaking of Nurse Emily...

Two Patients in Trouble

Can You Stop Screwing My Husband? Cristina was sure Owen was cheating on her with Emily. Most of us fans were positive that if Owen had strayed, it was with this girl, causing us to instantly hate her.

As soon as Emily admitted to flirting with Owen but promising she had never gone there, a little bit of disdain lifted. This is a well-written character and I don’t think I am alone in wanting her to stick around a while.

Then the bomb got dropped. Owen is a cheater! The Chief admitted to straying from his marriage, making our hate for Emily pass right on to him.

Introducing Emily caused us all to believe she was the other woman, but turns out there is someone else. Well played, Shonda, you definitely threw us off the trail.

These two have had some serious ups and downs and there isn’t really an easy way of fixing a broken marriage.

Glau on Grey's

Oh, Smashed Up Face? That was bad. The lightest moment from the episode came from our originals talking over lunch. These moments are too far and few between, much like the great scenes between Bailey and Richard.

Cristina calling Rebecca “smashed up face” was hilarious, and I have to admit, I let out a giggle. 

Alex has not had the best luck with ladies and it looks like that is about to change. Intern Morgan is most definitely smitten with him. Giving him the relationship/saving complex with a patient has been done and this character deserves better. He needs a relationship with someone he doesn’t have to save and hopefully that can be Morgan.

Is she only interested because he is helping save her son or is it genuine? That is an answer we will have to find out before we can make a call on this budding relationship.

Richard in a Tux

Uh Oh, Grey’s. Derek having Mer back on his service did not go too smoothly.

Mer and Lexie caused damage on a patient that can’t be fixed. Who’s fault is this? My vote is on Derek. He never should have left them alone with his patient. Looks like Mer will be headed back to general surgery.

The Averys Get It Done. Catherine got her flirt on with Richard and made him feel like a man, all while inserting a new bladder they had built. Plus, she rocked that gown. Jackson finally got some action. Mark is going to be pleased.

Some Afterthoughts:

  • Richard really is a good man. No doubt about it.
  • Jackson should stop wearing scrubs and wear a tux every episode. That man is gorgeous!
  • Morgan wanting Alex to get in the picture - creepy or sweet? I can’t decide.
  • Quick appearances by Callie, Arizona, April, and Teddy. Let’s get these lovely ladies some more screen time.
Handsome Avery
All in all, a pretty great episode. We had to wait weeks for it and we are going to have to wait again for the next new episode. So while we go through so more Grey’s withdrawal, let’s discuss the episode.

Are Owen and Cristina over now that Owen is a cheater? Who did he cheat with? Should Alex hook up with his intern? When are we ever going to see Meredith and Derek’s dream house? How about predictions for the remainder of the season?

Until next time, TV Fanatics. 


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i think owen is bisexual.. so he screwed with some random intern


I want Mer back to neuro, not general surgery! Neuro is where she suppose to be, to work with her husband


OK, I love Owen and i don't think he cheated, at least not "literally".
I'm tired of Avery & Sloan. They are very pretty but Mark is getting on my nerves lately & Avery isn't interesting anymore.
Love MerDer, so cute but i do think Meredith is pretty good w/ Callie too in Ortho & Lexie with Derek.
More Arizona & Alex (team peds, love them)and more Arizona & Callie. And Zola & Sofia!!
Also love Bailey & April!


I thought last night's episode (3-23-12) was worse than terrible. Ordinarily I love the show and the characters. Last night I sat down to view it with a dear friend, hoping to introduce her to a wonderful show. She is an RN and I felt she would be impressed. Needless to say, I was totally unable to explain things-like who was who, etc. What a colossal waste of time--similar to that singing episode. Talk about "jumping the shark."


The worst thing is that in real life doctors make mistakes and people end up either dead or with major problems. The story was heart breaking, - yes and we watch it and think - well shit, but im glad that mer+derek are happy ;) i feel bad about feeling that way Im sooo glab that there are not many Teddy and Christina scenes at the moment!
One thing is really hard to understand: why are owen and christina so cold. Everytime they sit there quiet i want to shout at them: Stand up tell him/her that u love him/her - do something!!!!!! but im so different im full of emotions - not like those 2 ;)


1) I dont think that Owen really cheated and if, no way it would have been Teddy - that would be soo silly 2)what i dont get is: If Lex and Mer do the operation thing cause Derek has to leave - ehm dont they talk about that before.. Like ok thats what we have: bla bla bla and there is a tumor - we going to leave it there bla bla bla.. NO? i dont wanna go to that hospital if those doctors who are in my BRAIN, dont even know whats going on? 3) I really liked alex and morgan - at first, i loved them, but now after Callie said something, i see morgan with different eyes.. she is creepy somehow.. i dont know just creepy




you know what GA writers should do better!! why a lot of reviewers guess Teddy or April may have slept with Owen?? I'm not fond of 2 characters, but I think Teddy and April are decent good girls, right! why everyone life is crap in the show ? GA should show us the respect they deserve from reviewers


Are you guys serious about the Teddy-thing?? It's definitely NOT Teddy. She wished him dead!


I'm sure Owen is cheating with Teddy. Because we haven't seen much Teddy since the whole cheating speculations started. I don't think this is a coincidence. Much more, since the storyline about Teddy wanting to get some money from research storyline hasn't been clarified. Besides, I don't see Owen as a common cheater. I mean he obviously cheated now, but when he had the chance to cheat, with the woman he had been loving and wanting for years, he remained loyal to Cristina. Now their marriage is a torture to both of them and they are both staying trying to figure it out. So I don't think that at this point Owen would do this just for sex. It would have to be emotionally satisfying or Teddy..

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