Gossip Girl to Be Renewed For Shortened Season 6?

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Gossip Girl will likely be renewed for a sixth and final season, according to an individual close to the production, but it may be a shortened season featuring an abbreviated number of episodes.

The CW drama is expected to return, but for a reduced number of episodes like fellow CW drama One Tree Hill did for its final season this winter, according to the source quoted by The Wrap.

A spokesman for the network said that the CW has not yet made any decisions about picking up any of its scripted programming for next year, or how many episodes of those shows would air.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Cast

Given its ratings, the show is perpetually on the bubble. Gossip Girl averaged 1.7 million viewers, and a 1.9 rating in the women 18-34 demo, this year, well under the ratings in its debut season.

A renewal could be more palatable to the network because the stars - Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester - are under contract for one more year.

That will spare CW the potentially costly ordeal of re-negotiating salaries, but whether or not the show gets a full season or an abbreviated one may hinge on what else the network has on tap.

Simply put, if it has new shows it thinks could outperform Gossip Girl, a shorter season could be inevitable. However, that has not been made official, and it looks like GG will be back in some form.

"We're not writing a series finale this year," Executive Producer Stephanie Savage said recently.

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OMG, this shit again?


wth??? Guest Posting should be disabled. anyway *cries* i hope chair gets a happy ending... then leighton should join vampire diaries... :)


@ CrAZychicke well said! :D
But wow i cant believe every section has been invaded by the Spammer. I tried to at least fill some more positive comments in the other comments section but it seems this site is haunted, i really ask myself where the people are who run this site? Maybe its one of them?! lol or why else is this still going on.... Anyway I also hope for a full season 6 or even more. I think the direction overall is good. I feel Blair and Dan are Soulmates. 3 seasons ago i routed for chuck and blair but after all this back and forth i was relieved when Blair finally went for Dan. It took way too long imo though and the writing was poor with his whole weak storyline about the pact with god. They could have done it better. But nevertheless i think it the result is perfect. I saw the signs for Dair and i think their chemistry is phenomenal even better then Chair ever was...


Someone seems pissed


I think that GG deserves a final "full" season. There is to much to cram into shorten season. Personally,I am a Chair fan all the way. I always have been since i seen season one. And i have been a loyal fan. I feel like even though the seasons ratings are down....The show still makes a lot of prophet of of its sales on Netflix, Hulu, And I tunes. I even bought things of of the wb website. Collectors Items and All the seasons on dvd. There are more shows on the cw that deserved to get cancelled. Like Ringer and Nikita. They suck. But as i said the show deserves to get a full next season because they need to make Blair and Dan seperate, then have Blair and Chuck rekindle there relationship and make Dan and Serena back together. And what i want is to see a Chuck and Blair wedding with a baby Bass. Thats what ive been sticking around to see. I still have hope and I will always love GG more than any other show.


because I know most of you do support him and Ed Westwick, because he's an awesome actor, as are Penn Badgely, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively and Kelly Rowan. just wait and see what happens - you might be surprised. And remember there's a whole other world out there; it's called fanfiction - I dabble in it regularly. It's fun and there's a lot of aspiring authors that would love your reviews. GG forever.


I agree, who monitors this comment section..? what's the point of reading comments if all we have is spam? I understand the annoyance of some chair fans, you guys were so close and then everything got in the way... and now dair (whom i love, i'm sorry but I do, and so do prob half the fanbase), but I'm not going to tell you to stop watching or keep watching it's up to you - it's a soap and yes the writing has been up and down, but if you think of it as an entertaining show - it is just that. There are other characters on the show apart form chair vs dair. I like Ivy and lily and Lily and chuck's relationship, and Serena and Blair's friendship, and Rufus and Lily. Yes the show isn't like it was, but it's 5 years later.. things change. I'm still here for the long haul because I enjoy it. It's funny, charming, saucy, naughty, emotional, addictive.. and frankly, if you were so annoyed, most ppl would just stop watching. But even if chair aren't together, support chuck, because I know most of you do support him and Ed Westwick because he really is an amazing actor, as are the rest of the cast! Just wait and see what happens - you might be surprised.


*Seriously Chosen One, what are you two? Do you have to be so rude. Surely they can delete, or ban you. If I see you pop up anywhere else I'll be reporting you.*
On another note, I'm happy Gossip Girl will be finishing, I do love you, but its time to move on! Hoping they will dedicate the last episodes to repairing Blair and Chuck and getting back to the shows roots. I would be happy if Dan chose to really concentrate on his writing, Serena and Nate got back together (those two go together!) and Blair/Chuck got married and had their own baby. Season 5 is a mess - all over the shop, and its the writing, not the actors! Dan and Blair together I feel are a joke. No sizzle at all, but as friends their chemistry sky rockets! I feel for the shows cast, and their poor characters as there is no constant and storylines are all over the shop. I know its supposed to be fun ...but now its not. I'm just watching now to finish what I started. I'm hoping the writing quality will improve now that the end is nigh! Please let me be right!


me and my friends love this show it is amazing i love the suspence with chuck and blair. i have watched every episode more than once and waiting for april 2nd i am super excited. it is a teen drama instead os some old people soaps... like days of our lives lol
;) keep the show going


Maybe if they hadn't done it so that Dan and Blair ended up together, their ratings wouldn't have been so low....


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