Gossip Girl to Be Renewed For Shortened Season 6?

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Gossip Girl will likely be renewed for a sixth and final season, according to an individual close to the production, but it may be a shortened season featuring an abbreviated number of episodes.

The CW drama is expected to return, but for a reduced number of episodes like fellow CW drama One Tree Hill did for its final season this winter, according to the source quoted by The Wrap.

A spokesman for the network said that the CW has not yet made any decisions about picking up any of its scripted programming for next year, or how many episodes of those shows would air.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Cast

Given its ratings, the show is perpetually on the bubble. Gossip Girl averaged 1.7 million viewers, and a 1.9 rating in the women 18-34 demo, this year, well under the ratings in its debut season.

A renewal could be more palatable to the network because the stars - Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester - are under contract for one more year.

That will spare CW the potentially costly ordeal of re-negotiating salaries, but whether or not the show gets a full season or an abbreviated one may hinge on what else the network has on tap.

Simply put, if it has new shows it thinks could outperform Gossip Girl, a shorter season could be inevitable. However, that has not been made official, and it looks like GG will be back in some form.

"We're not writing a series finale this year," Executive Producer Stephanie Savage said recently.

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I think there should be a proper ending and a "Series Finale" .... You can't leave season 5 like that, and not have any answers. Shortened or not, there needs to be a summary end of the whole show.


Gossip Girl should at least have a few more seasons, it is a decent show. There arnt many good tv shows to watch, GG is the best one.


Um, 1.7 million viewers this year, and 1.9 rating? What show are you watching? I think you need to check your numbers, because those are VERY inflated! Gossip Girl hasn't had over 1.39 million viewers AT ALL this season. By MY calculations, they've averaged 1.19 million viewers this season. The last 8 episodes alone have been hovering near the 1 million range. Check your facts.


I believe there's going to be a Sixth season. the show deserves a proper send off. hope the writers are listening.


The show should have been over at least a couple seasons ago.


I think that Gossip Girls deserves a full season 6 I think that Gossip Girls deserves a full season 7


Keep GG on!!!! It's The Best


Love the show, it's one of my fav shows...I think it should keep going


I've kinda just stopped watching the show. Holds no interest for me anymore, unfortunately. Haven't even watched the last 2 episodes. But when i do attempt to watch-- my attention is hardly glued to the screen or plotline. I will that say that I greatly miss the fanfiction stories. Now that I barely watch the show, it's hard to get into the characters sometimes. Too bad, cuz some of the stories were oh so naughty but ever so gooood! :)


I agree that the show must be end in 2013. Even if you are Chair, Dair, Serenate, Derena, the real couple of GG is Blerena!! (Blair and Serena LOL)


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