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I think September meant the Olivia she had become must die, and she is dying. My hope is that there is enough love to save who she was without Peter as well as who she was before.


Great episode. Peter was brave. I half expected an accident several times in the apartment and with the beacon. September left out the part where he was supposed to erase the traces of Peter. I think September looks like Peter :)


Loved this ep. I am enjoying this seasons tendency to use earlier seasons cases and expand upon them.
I always have fun looking for the little hint and clues that are hidden within the episodes, the things that may not have anything to do with the case or even seem to be discussed. So this may be a little out there, but when Peter was at Septembers apartment did anyone else notice the calender on the wall was on the month of January. It could have actually been the timeline of the episode or a hint towards a new Observer. Any opinions?


Power of love?

Bleh, what a letdown.


I keep replaying the last ten minutes of this episode. Watching Olivia and Nina together made me weepy and watching Peter and Olivia finally get together this season had me applauding at the end. I think September is a descendant of Olivia and Peter and that is why he cares so much and why Peter could activate the beacon and bring September back. I also think we still have to deal with September's prediction that Olivia must die no matter what timeline she is in. So I guess that means baby Henry will be raised by Walter and Peter and their extended family of friends. Whatever happens, I am along for the ride until it ends.


Damn last 10 minutes almost had me weepy :) But all kidding aside.
This ep is the classic portrayal of the agony and ecstasy of true love. If they are going to cancel the series this ep would be the best one to finish up on.
Hoping the give Pete and Oliver a few eps to simply be happy together before they smash em apart again.


Somehow I doubt that September is given to metaphor. I think he meant exactly what he said: Olivia has to die. (This may be connected to Mr. X from 3.19, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.) We just don't know why yet. And it's always possible that September may have missed something; the Observers have proven fallible in the past.

That said, it's crossed my mind more than once that September may have simply been lying - he appears more and more to be something of a rogue agent. It's just possible that whatever future he wants to enact requires Olivia to believe her death is both imminent and inevitable. Without knowing exactly what his game is, though, it's impossible to be sure.

All I'm certain of is that September is up to something. I'm inclined to believe he's on our heroes' side, but all things considered, I trust him about as far as I can throw him.


From the beginning, FRINGE has been based on the power of love. Walter's love for Peter enabled him to blast through 2 universes, with unfortunate consequences. Perhaps what September meant about this Olivia "dying" is exactly what happened - her memories of everything without Peter are being erased, essentially removing the previous Olivia from existence. Alzheimer's comes to mind. When memories fade, and nothing replaces them, it's very difficult for family members to deal with who is left. Who is left? But, Olivia is different because memories of her previous existence are emerging. She is being "reborn" while the previous Olivia is "dying."


Loved the episode. There is noting more powerful than love.


oh and the fact that Peter couldn't be erased because of love just kept reminding me of Harry Potter and the fact that the love Harry's mother had for him lived in him, protected him and never died. Love that!

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