Desperate Housewives Character Death: Revealed!

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Desperate Housewives spoilers warning: A long-time character will soon be killed off this ABC mainstay. Stop reading now if you wish to remain surprised.

After initially teasing fans with the upcoming death of a Desperate Housewives player, Entertainment Weekly can now confirm the identity of the man who will meet his end THIS SUNDAY...

DH Characters

... Mile Delfino!

While details regarding the demise of James Denton's character remain unclear, the actor told EW his death will be "violent" and added that he thinks it's a fitting way for Mike to do. How come?

"I think from the beginning [creator Marc Cherry] had this idea of Delfino and the mob and that criminal past. We just haven’t addressed it in four or five years. It’s perfectly fitting and especially because they’re going to do some flashbacks in this episode that show his life flashing before his eyes. It’s going to be slow motion with scenes from the pilot all the way. I’m hoping some of that will be some of his criminal dark side."

Read a lot more from Denton in his full EW interview now and react: Will you be sad to see Mike go?


jennifer - no one deserves to lose someone!!! thast stupid
its like in real life.. do u think people just die if the family derserves it??? i think its sooo stupid that we know it already.. how can he tell everyone yet..its just a few days and i know it now (i read it so many time in the internet ) its not fair - no fun if i already know it and btw i wish susan would have got killed not him


Nooo not Mike take Orsen instead!! PLEASE!!!


aww, Poor Susan and MJ. MJ has to grow up without a father! that's not right.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

Awwwww :( Why couldn't it be Karen?! They could've done a great deathbed scene with her and Roy.
I dont want Mike to go!!! He did get in a shootout with mobguy though last week. :(


Im just glad its not Tom! Everyone kept saying it was, Mike is a shady character it seems fitting to me, as much as i adore Mike!


Mile Delfino? Who's Mile? Haha


If they plan on ending the show killing main characters, that'll be a lack of originality and it'll be sad and ridiculous. I know it's a drama but come on, doesn't need to end in death and blood.


I think that Desperate Housewives should go on for a couple more seasons. Maybe instead have not so many episodes.


Can't say I'm sad. I like Mike better than Susan so it sucks for him, but Susan is one of the most selfish, whiniest, woe is me characters. All of her self-absorbed nonsense, pathetic victim attitudes and ridiculous reactions to normal situations brought this on. She has to toughen up.


Good God people this is a TV show!

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