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jennifer - no one deserves to lose someone!!! thast stupid
its like in real life.. do u think people just die if the family derserves it???

i think its sooo stupid that we know it already.. how can he tell everyone yet..its just a few days and i know it now (i read it so many time in the internet ) its not fair - no fun if i already know it

and btw i wish susan would have got killed not him


Nooo not Mike take Orsen instead!! PLEASE!!!


aww, Poor Susan and MJ. MJ has to grow up without a father! that's not right.


Awwwww :( Why couldn't it be Karen?! They could've done a great deathbed scene with her and Roy.
I dont want Mike to go!!! He did get in a shootout with mobguy though last week. :(


Im just glad its not Tom! Everyone kept saying it was, Mike is a shady character it seems fitting to me, as much as i adore Mike!


Mile Delfino? Who's Mile? Haha


If they plan on ending the show killing main characters, that'll be a lack of originality and it'll be sad and ridiculous. I know it's a drama but come on, doesn't need to end in death and blood.


I think that Desperate Housewives should go on for a couple more seasons. Maybe instead have not so many episodes.


Can't say I'm sad. I like Mike better than Susan so it sucks for him, but Susan is one of the most selfish, whiniest, woe is me characters. All of her self-absorbed nonsense, pathetic victim attitudes and ridiculous reactions to normal situations brought this on. She has to toughen up.


Good God people this is a TV show!

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