Cryptic Gossip Girl Spoiler: Breakup Ahead?

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Something big is coming up on Gossip Girl (returning April 2 for its spring stretch run) ... we just can't spell it out what it us yet. That's where you come in ... and bring your vocabulary skills.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes simply:

"There’s a **e**u* on the horizon."

A Lovely Lady in Red

Have at it, word sleuths. BREAKUP seems like a logical fit for that clue, and there are a number of ways that could fit with the plot. Do you think that's it? If so, who does it apply to?

Share your theories and comments below.

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Break up Dair for the love of god...such a chemistry-less couple, yawn!!
This is Gossip Girl not The Waltons


if dair break up, i'm gone.
ihope it's nola... never liked them. look forward for the ivy storyline. Nivy anyone? Nate needs Jenny back.


Most of us are wrong. The word break that emphasizes Ausiello does not apply to any couple in the series, but the lead actress who is leaving the series at the end of the season. From the interview given by Safran can sense that this is Serena. Actress Blake Lively in an interview to Elle magazine said that she wants this year to take a break and travel.


I think its NOLA. Spoilers have already showen that Dair is still on till the end of the season. YUCK!! On the up side, if its NOLA, I hope serenate reunite, that would be a good.

Sink or swim

Remember that line in season one in the masked ball ep where Vanessa said that Dan wouldn't be into something that pretentious..! Well what the hell have the characters did to our beloved character, season 1,2,3 would not have did three quarters of the things he has did this season.


Nate and Blair time…. Blair “When I first saw Nate, even though we were kids I remember thinking this is the man I am going to marry. I love you Nate, always have, always will.�
Even Chace Crawford likes Nairs relationship and wants it to be more explored. Time to get back closer to the books.
Dan and Blair – are a brother/sister combo, Blair and Chuck – Fatal Attraction. Too much has happened for them to be good anymore, time to move on.
Dan and Serena were good and Chuck well I think he should stay single til he hits his 30′s or 40′s. He has alot of growing up to do. By then I reckon he will be ready to settle down and be good with somebody. Maybe down the track Jenny might be a good combo for him. She’s always stood up to him and called his bluffs.


It's probably Nola. Why do they have to break up the couple that is cute and let the one stay together that is awkward? I don't understand that at all.


It's a good question, and where the party held? Is dowry took an apartment in which lives Blair? And if the party is held in Brooklyn, will be a very unpleasant scene if Serena lives there!


dan and Blair host a party? lol now if they have it at the loft that would be wack


@ The Gossip
Rufus and Lily are not, on the contrary money is no problem. Lily has enough money, it's the principle. The apartment is bought CC for Lily and she wants him back (at any price). Carol has lost money that was supposed to inherit after the death of her mother. Play again 17/5 episode, it was shown. @ Trina
The idea to merge at this time Chuck and Serena is not bad. I agree with you, why not. I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, but at this point your idea makes sense and would be very entertaining. All three of the male characters (Nate, Chuck and Dan) have slept with Blair, and with Vanessa, so they can finally with Serena too. So make a full circle.

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