Cougar Town Review: Peons Assemble!

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"A One Story Town" is probably one of the best and worst titles for an episode of Cougar Town. At its worst, the show sometimes relegates character to drinking wine and living and dying based on whatever silly scheme they’ve come up with that week. But those moments are few and far behind.

What actually happens more often than not every week is that this sitcom continually tries to assemble comedy that is infused with layers of characterization in a way that rivals hour-long, character-driven dramas.

Sam Lloyd on Cougar Town

Sure, we could take the entire episode at face value and still get plenty of comedy out of it. But when we go just beneath the surface and look at how our favorite cul-de-sac fits together and how each individual ticks as a person... there’s a lot going on, and tonight’s episode was all about Bobby Cobb.

Bobby is funny, there’s absolutely no question about it. Not many people can make throwing a penny in a can one of the funniest gags ever, while also reminding us of the age-old rule of always breaking up a fight without your shirt. But he’s also a man who messed up his marriage, lives on a boat and drives a golf cart. While Jules is beginning to move on with her life with Grayson, Bobby is still mostly in the same position he was when we first met him.

Bobby knows his current spot in life is due to his own actions, and it might be part of the reason why he hasn’t quite begun to move forward, but at least now we get to watch him begin to take those steps with Angie.

Watching Bobby on the date with Angie peels back a few more of his layers as well. I think a lot of us assumed Bobby has enough charisma and charm to pave over whatever insecurities he might have. But that’s how he acts around friends and family, and what we’ve heard about him when he was only interested in having sex with women. Now Bobby wants a relationship, and all of his insecurities that give him comedic strength now serve as a potential roadblock.

But this wouldn’t be a Disney-owned property without a little magic, and even though Bobby comes off as having quite possible one of the worst dates to ever happen he still manages to kiss, and get, the girl.

Other thoughts:

  • And here I thought only Once Upon A Time gets to play in the House of Mouse playground.
  • Scrubs! Sort of.
  • My Ellie crush continues on unabated with “call her a chunky bitch!” (See more of my favorite Ellie quotes at our Cougar Town quotes page!)
  • I like that the show semi-acknowledged what Tom could potentially do to cul-de-sac cohesiveness.

What did you think of tonight's episode and its mini Scrubs reunion?


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For this reason, I love cherries. You can just pop the whole thing in your mouth and just sort of gnaw the sweetness off the pit. It's fun to sort of get in a rhythm of plucking off the stem, popping them in your mouth, chew, spit out the pit and repeat.


I gave up watching the show in season one - but tuned in to see this one episode (don't know why - probably a promo that caught my eye or something). This time I loved it. And in particular - excuse me for being a softy here - the icing on the cake was the scene where the "peons" were singing "Kiss the Girl". Great set up - great execution. It was perfect.


I loved this episode of Cougar Town. While a lot of sit-com stereotypes are still being portrayed (dumb males, slutty blonds) I feel that the writers know that we know that they know that. The show is unique and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments. Don't give up on this show, Disney, or better yet, let Showtime have it.


If you love the show like I do, please remember to watch (and bribe a couple of other friends to give it a try as well!) It's an awesome show that at the surface level is just ridiculous but like this review mentions, there are actual layers to this humour. It's just so ridiculously out there while somehow still real and heartfelt. Compared to the garbage that's on TV these days (if I have to sit through another Bachelor or listen to people talk about the Kardashians), this show deserves a chance!!


While it wasn't the best of Cougar Town (even if some things were hilarious as "running like Tom Cruise in his movies" or the crabs tees), having the Scrubs reunion was aaaawwweeeeesssooooooommmmmeeeee!


The characters on Cougar town are flawed enough to like and appreciate this show has potential. I wish I could remember it comes on Tuesday nights now. Its hard for me to remember theres actually something to watch on Tuesdays now. I liked seeing Courtney's old "Friends" cast-mates guesting on the show. Christa Miller also came from a great cast on the Drew Carey show, I think it would be fun to see some of those cast-mates guesting on the show as well.


Total brilliance. The homage to old cinema (as well as Scrubs) was perfectly done. And the end tag was quite possibly the funniest scene of the year IMO. Well done!


Sorry, but this show has lost its edgy comedy. It is just not funny any more.


love this show! yes the characters are odd, vain and quirky, but they own it, and you gotta love em. and the final scene w/ the scrubs crew was the best 2 minutes of television all week (hello zach braff)!! genius.


this is the worst show ever!relating to any one character seems impossible,as they´re all incredibly stupid and vapid...u cant say how much i regret watching this...this show should´ve been axed a long time ago.

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To me people are just bags of skin that slow down my day.