CBS Announces "Large Scale" Renewal for 2012-2013 Season

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CBS announced such a "large scale" renewal today - in the words of President Nina Tassler - that it's almost easier to list the shows that did NOT receive a pick-up by the network.

They include such long-running dramas as CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, although no word at the moment does not necessarily mean no renewal.

Now, on to the shows that really do have a reason to celebrate, including three that received the good new a few weeks ago...

Gibbs Pic
Close Up of Frank
Awaiting a Verdict

2 Broke Girls
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Mike & Molly

Blue Bloods
Criminal Minds
The Good Wife
Hawaii Five-0
The Mentalist
NCIS: Los Angeles
Person of Interest

48 Hours Mystery
60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Undercover Boss

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I wish they'd take Survivor, Undercover Boss and the Amazing Race off BEFORE they think of canceling CSI: Miami or [especially] CSI: NY! Those two shows continued to do well for CBS even AFTER being thrown into the kiss-of-death Sunday night and Friday night slots! Put all 3 CSI's on back-to-back on Saturday night instead of re-runs of other shows or on Friday night but don't take them off the air! I watch CBS the most in prime-time. I thought they dropped the ball when they canceled Flash Point and am so delighted that ION television picked it up! That is a great show that didn't get a fair shake. It was preempted and on then was hard to follow but I LOVED it. I am glad I can still watch it. I watch a CBS show every night of the week. I seldom watch ABC or NBC...ABC has Dancing With the Stars and NBC has Dateline ~ other than that, I am a CBS fan. I agree with another poster that the laugh tracks are SO annoying. It is obviously fake and if you must TELL us when to laugh at a joke, IT WASN'T FUNNY! I am an intelligent adult. I know when I find something funny and I know how to laugh!


Thank you for keeping Person of Interest, Bluebloods, Criminal Minds, actually all of the Dramas. I hate to see CSI NY go. When they do away with laugh tracks I might look at a situtation comedy but till then I would rather hear fingernails on a chalk board. I can not believe in this day they are still having laugh tracks. As for the "so called" reality shows, they are NOT reality. They could cancel them all but we know they want as they are cheaper to produce.


I think you guys should hire Jamie Lee Curtis has Gibbs love interest, after all we all need love, and I think they hit it off great, hopefully there will be some-more, just like the chemistry between Tony and Ziva.Please do not take CHI-NY and The Gifted Man off, I like those shows, I do not watch CSI or The Good Wife,or Blue Blood.You could those off.


I think you guys should hire Jamie Lee Curtis has Gibbs love interest, after all we all need love, and I think they hit it off great, hopefully there will be some-more, just like the chemistry between Tony and Ziva.


I tell you what if CSI Miami is not renewed CBS is stupid.......they know it's one of their top rated shows. They screwed up by moving it to Sunday nights because they CONSTANTLY pre-empt it for FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL and even FREAKING GOLF!!!!!!!!!!


Anybody remember how sometimes shows would CHANGE NETWORKS? For example,'WONDER WOMAN' started out on ABC,then switched over to CBS. Before that 'GET SMART' was a hit comedy on NBC,then it also ended its run as a CBS show. There are some great shows on other networks(FOX,NBC,CW) that would look good on the Tiffany Network.
I understand 'RINGER' was originally intended to be a CBS show.
'BODY OF PROOF' and 'CASTLE'(both ABC series) would probably get better ratings on CBS as replacements for those CSI spinoffs.
I see CBS took my suggestion after all, and gave '2 & 1/2 Men' a mercy killing. That show could not go on without Charlie Sheen.


I can't believe that they would cancel such a great show as The Gifted Man and keep such drivel as 2 Broke Girls. You finally have a show that touches something inside of you and they want to take it off the air. It sort of makes you wish you could see and talk to someone you love that you have lost. This reminds me of another great show that CBS cancelled named Three Rivers about organ donation. This was a great show too. I think it got stuck on Sundays too and was doomed from there. So I beg you to keep this wonderful show AKA A Gifted Man.
Also I think you should keep CSI NY, CSI Miami, and Unforgettable. I knew when CSI Miami was switched to Sunday night that it was a death sentence for the show. It never was on at a certain time because of football and everybody got tired of trying to tape it or stay up and watch it.


Take CSI off, not CSI Miami. It's one of the few shows with most of the original cast and it's a great show


I cannot believe that "A Gifted Man" was cancelled.
Our entire family loved it. Please bring it back
at any time!


*knew , sorry. We need an EDIT button here!!!!!

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