Castle Round Table: "47 Seconds"

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As amazing as the bomb storyline was this week on Castle, there was a different bomb dropped that left fans, and Rick Castle, reeling.

Now our Castle Round Table Team of Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison and Christine Orlando sort its way through the fall out of Beckett's big reveal from "47 Seconds."


What was your favorite scene?
Chandel: I think it was the moment that Martha told Castle to go for it and reiterate his "forgotten" feelings to Beckett. I love when Castle and Martha level with each other.

Jim: I have to go with Castle finding out that Beckett remembered everything. It was so subtly put together where he was running late so she didn't know he was listening. Just a masterfully designed reveal.

Courtney: Surprisingly, I'm going with the moment between Castle and Alexis. The father/daughter moments always stand out for me because they always feel so real. Close second is Castle's reaction to finding out Kate lied. Great acting on Fillion's part.

Christine: I'm with Chandel on this one. It seems like Martha is the one person Castle can really be honest with and she knows when to tell it like it is. They have a wonderfully unique yet loving mother/son relationship and I really love their scenes together.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Were you surprised that Castle didn't confront Beckett?
Chandel: Yes, I very much was. I feel like their relationship is at a point that the ideal thing would have been for them to talk it out. I think both Kate and Rick were very much ready to talk feelings this episode if only they had tried a little harder to do so.

Jim: I wasn't surprised. Castle can be bold, but in this case he is more hurt than anything else. Though I agree with Martha, he won't be able to work elbow to elbow with her without it chaffing and that will force a confrontation, either from Beckett or him.

Courtney: Not at all. This was the first episode for it to come out and Castle was too upset to confront her yet. This arc will now carry into the next couple episodes and I suspect that a big talk will be forced to happen.

Christine: No. History has shown that when Castle is hurt he retreats. Now we enter into the story arc of how they resolve this mess and I'm guessing it's going to take a few episodes to get there. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Will Castle reveal what he heard or will Kate figure it out?
Chandel: I, unfortunately, don't think Castle will pursue it. Given the preview for next week's episode, it's blatantly obvious he's going to revert back to the let's-date-a-blonde-who-resembles-my-ex-wife plan of action, which, if Kate is smart, will cut off before that relationship can go any further.

Jim: Yes, both. Kate is going to figure out that something is up with Rick being distant, she may even put two and two together that he was there when she told Bobby she could remember everything. Once we get to the point that she knows, that he knows, that she remembers... uh wait, what where was I going again? Dammit! Rick just tell her already!

Courtney: Kate will figure it out leading to her making the first move. It's about time!

Christine: I don't know if she'll figure it out but I think his distant behavior and the fact that he seems to be moving on with blondes in his Ferrari may get her to finally speak up. If not, hopefully a good shove from Lanie will do the trick but I don't see Castle saying anything for a while unless he's confronted.
Best family moment: Martha and Castle or Castle and Alexis?
Chandel: Probably Castle and Martha. I enjoy getting to see Castle interact with his family, his mom in particular. You know Martha just wants Castle to be happy, but he's so set in his ways that she knows just being there for him in whatever he chooses is what he needs most.

Jim: Gotta go with Alexis and Rick. As Alexis pointed out, this is the first time she has felt like something she is doing makes a difference, and really that's what any of us want. We want to make a difference. Be it small, like revealing a new book to someone or big, like saving a bus load of orphans, we want to know that we made a difference in the world.

Courtney: Like I mentioned above, Castle and Alexis. There is nothing that a daughter needs more than her daddy and Castle is a pretty great one to her.

Christine: As much as I love Martha and Castle my favorite family moment was when Castle took Alexis home from the morgue. As laid back as he seems, Castle always knows when to step in and be the parent. I love those moments.

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This has been a favorite show since it started but I am starting to get sick of the contrivances to stop Kate and Rick from expressing their feelings. It is getting stupid and offensive to the viewer. I hope the writers and producers follow sites like this to get the feedback that it is time to move their relationship ahead. The Good Wife has become our favorite show but we still enjoy Castle (for now).


@kelly you are so write in what you said


To: marie.d Kate actually admitted to her therapist that she remembers everything so it is true. She's been keeping it from Castle all of this time but it's because she's in therapy and working on herself so she can have a real, successful relationship. So now, Castle only knows half the story. He knows that she lied but doesn't know why.


I think we'll find out that Kate doesn't really remember anything at all. When she said this, it was to a witness/suspect who was pretending to have forgotten what he saw from shock and whom she wanted to get to talk because she thought he was lying. It was a tactic, just like pretending that another suspect is already cutting a deal to get someone to hurry up and talk.


1. I think my favourite scene was when Castle came back to the precinct after venting to his mother. The cold death look he was giving Beckett was HARSH, and Beckett's subtle reaction and surprise to his coldness was fantastic - SOOO well acted by Fillion and Katic. 2. I wasn't surprised. Castle has a big mouth, but he's not usually one to speak out of emotion. He's a writer - he chooses his next move carefully. Besides, he was too hurt and blindsided and wants to lash out, but he would never want to hurt her. Hence his silence. 3. I think he'll say something when the hurt and anger have subsided. But he'll have to be confronted. 4. Gotta go with Alexis.


I think that Beckett will be talking to Ryan and Espo about the guy she was interrogating, the boys will mention that Castle was there with them, she will realize that he heard her say that she remembered everything, she will talk to Lainie about what to do next, and then Castle will show up with a hot blonde in the hot car, and then we'll be in the May sweeps time. This will leave time for an episode or two with Rick and Martha and Alexis feeling the love as well.


1. Its a tie between with the tourists dead husband and explanation and the Martha and Castle scene
2. No not at all
3. I think castle's going to let it slip when Kate asks.
4. Martha and Castle


1 - It was gut-wrenching but my favorite scene was when Castle and Martha were at the memorial. It rocked my heart to hear Castle say he had been a fool and the cold way he delivered, "Watch me."
2 - I wasn't surprised because they were in the middle of a huge case and Castle needed to go lick his wounds before he could process anything else.
3 - I'm not so sure Kate will figure out exactly what triggered the change in Castle. I'm wondering if Martha or even Alexis might tell her, and then she'll confront Castle.
4 - My favorite family scenes were the 2 with Castle and Alexis. I love when he asserts himself as the dad and I thought the exchange about genius and funny skipping generations was excellent.


All I know is, the producers better get this straightened out before the end of the season...or else! ;o)


I would love to participate in a roundtable discussion, because what I'd have to say would take up more space than is permitted here. This is going to sound sexist, but I think both Castle and Beckett are acting in typically gender-specific roles...except that Kate is acting more like the male, and Rick is acting more like the female. Guys don't express their feelings very often, because it's not our communications style. Castle has no problems expressing just about every other emotion but the one he NEEDS to with Kate. Whereas, Beckett is typically doing the "dude" thing -- rarely exposing her feminine side...but has no problem expressing the one emotion men are most comfortable with: anger. Both are emotionally stunted, through no fault of their own, which is keeping them from the happiness they could obtain in each other. Proof that they're both terrible at hiding this: EVERY CHARACTER ON THE SHOW (and that includes Iron Gates) KNOWS THE DEAL BETWEEN THEM! All I know is, the producers better get this right by season's end...or else! ;o)

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