Castle Review: Sinning By Silence

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Wow. Now that is an example of what good television looks like. Castle aired"47 Seconds" this week, an episode that brought out a special intensity and seriousness. It was full of the usual twists and turns, but this one felt different. This one felt real.

So let’s do it. Time to discuss “47 Seconds."

The Case. A Wall Street protest was ended early with a bomb explosion caught on tape. Our super smart detectives were able to determine what happened in the minute before the explosion. First, how crazy is the technology that is used now? Using the GPS on cell phones is pretty nuts. It can seem a bit like an invasion of privacy, but when you think of all the ways it can be used for things like this, it’s pretty awesome.

There were several minor characters in this episode. My favorite was definitely a toss up between West Side Wally and Bobby Reyes Lopez. Anyone else recognize Lopez as Bobby Reyes from Friday Night Lights

Tim Guinee on Castle

Iron Gates is Back. Captain Gates made a big return - and by big, I mean appearing for more than a minute. This character has seriously grown since her first appearance. As a fan, there was no one that could replace Captain Montgomery. Gates’ tough guy attitude made it easy to hate her, but over the past several episodes, she has earned her screen time. Gates has become enjoyable, providing Beckett with another woman to look up to and a personality that is different than all of the others.

This case provided a great platform for Castle and Alexis to show their father/daughter relationship. Stepping back and watching Rick be a father is almost as fun as watching him be a cop writer. 

Now if we could get the guys together again for a boys night outside of the precinct and see some BFF time between Lanie and Kate, it would be great.

I Remember Every Second Of It. Now to the biggest part of the episode for all of the shippers. After realizing that tomorrow is never promised, Rick decides to talk to Kate about his feelings. Just in time, he discovers that she has remembered everything from the shooting, including the infamous “I Love You."

So, where do we go from here? Obviously Castle is pissed, and rightfully so. He made a move and put his feelings out there. Although the timing wasn’t great, there has been plenty of time since then for Kate to admit that she knows. These two are close enough that Beckett is recognizing Castle is acting different. 

Martha said it best. How can you work side by side with someone when your heart is crushed? You can’t. These two are going to have to figure it out. Time to move forward. I know the writers have said that there will be a time for this relationship and that it isn’t now, but a little movement needs to be made before it becomes stale. 

Overall, another great episode from the Castle team. It was intense, enjoyable, and now has me counting the time until next week’s outing. What did you think, TV Fanatics? 

Should Kate have admitted to Rick she heard his “I love you?” Is Castle rightfully angry? Should Alexis stop working at the morgue? Are you starting to like Gates more?

Check back for the official Castle Round Table after you hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “47 Seconds”. Until next time, Castle Fans. 


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I loved this episode!!!! I loved seeing the people protesting against wall street and taking a stand for the 99%. However the part where people die fighting for their rights is sad. I am the 99%


I watched the trailer, where they of course wanted us to believe that they would confess their feelings and get together, and thought that it would all go wrong and they wouldn't really get together... I was right. Andrew Marlowe called out Bones' Hart Hanson for not getting Booth and Brennan together sooner last year, but now he's doing exactly the same. Typical. That aside, I loved the episode. Filion is brilliant as always.


Marie.d, Beckett actually said that she remembered everything in an earlier episode. She said it to her counselor in the first episode of the season.


im sure by the end of this season caskett will of at least kissed each other


I loved the episode, there was so much to see that I can't believe they did it all in one hour. That's some top notch writing and acting right there!
I'd like to point out that I don't think Kate really remembers anything at all.She said this to a suspect whom she thought was faking his amnesia. It was a tactic to get him to drop the act and admit he remembered what happened at the scene. Kate isn't the sort of person to try to take the easy way out of anything. If she had heard Castle say he loved her and she wasn't ready she would have just said she thought he said it in the heat of the moment or meant it as a friend.She wouldn't have pretended she didn't remember.
I'm sure Castle will soon realize he's mistaken and she merely lied to a suspect during an interrogation and not to him.


After this episode I told my husband that I was about done with this show even though it has been one of our favorites up to now. Maybe it's time for some new writers; this whole plot line is stale and contrived. Lesson #1 for writing has got to be 'make the characters believable'. It's fine to glam them up, we expect that but come on....time to move and try forward this time, how 'bout it? If you need good banter writers to emulate how about "Psyche"'s writers....or "Big Bang Theory"'s writers. They rock!!! DO SOMETHING! PLEASE!!


I agree with comments about Castle picking the wrong place and time to talk to Kate. I mean, after 4 yrs, come on.. ask the woman out! That's what I would do. Sure, make believe, but my gosh. He's a millionaire writer, who takes her a coffee every day... then put a secret note in her coffee. Woo her, and see if she accepts. ALso, viewing other series, like "Once upon a time, and Missing"... Now if they can budget all that money to produce those shows, then, why does it seem they are short changing Castle against Hawaii5-0? It just seems that there are holes in the writing, or incomplete cohesion from season 1 to 4, aside of the actors developing their characters. I too, loved the quick wit, banter, the teases, and the murders in the story line and some of that has been missing.

Timothy graf

I want to see more of the West Side Wally character. He provides the perfect alternative to the main characters, as well as the show.


BTW, my incorrect use of the work "wreaked" reeks of stupidity. So glad no one wreaked ridicule on my post.


yep, Actually if you really have to talk about deep emotional relationship issues maybe a better idea to take her out to dinner?
Trying to approach a deeply romantic moment in the middle of a bombing investigation and in the office somehow seems......Stupid!!
Lazy writers..

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