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Bones returns Monday to begin its spring run ... one that will end poetically and perhaps controversially.

The season finale of Bones will involve the return of hacker and serial killer Christopher Pellant (Andrew Leeds) ... as well as a closing sequence that's already causing much debate in the writers' room.

Creator and show-runner Hart Hanson's tweet last week revealed the tension: “Our first conversation about the final image of Bones Season 7 morphed into a spirited debate. It ain’t gonna go easy…”

What does that even mean? Of the episode, "The Past in the Present," Hanson elaborates to “We’re all happy with the story, and we’re all happy with the cliffhanger we have.”

“What we’re actually debating is literally the last image that we leave our audience with."

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"We have options as to how it motors us into Season 8. There’s a see-saw between hope and confidence and vulnerability and fear that we have to walk. We’re searching for that last poetic image."

"That’s what we will argue about up until the day we shoot the scene - and I’ll bet you that we'll still be arguing about it as we’re putting music on the final shot in the editing room.”

Hanson and Nathan admit to being incredibly vague - even more so than the Bones brain trust usually is - saying "we really don’t want to tell anybody anything.” So, let the speculation begin?

Several theories being thrown around online, here and beyond:

  • The cliffhanger is a marriage proposal ... by Brennan
  • The cliffhanger is a marriage proposal ... by Booth
  • Pellant's return leaves the entire team in peril
  • Another character dear to us loses his/her life

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I don't know if my friend and I are the only ones, but a question popped up while we were watching tonight's episode. We were both wondering, yes it's an odd question, but is Pallant gay?


Man enfing totally sucked... On 5/14/12


I think the last scene is either Brennan breaking up with Booth, or Booth getting shot after Pellant lures him somewhere.


Great show. Now that B&B Have committed to each other, move them forward and closer. Show what it is like to love someone, work together, raise
a child together and risk your lives. Don't let the past years go
to waste.


This goes back several seasons. sweets is the only person that knows that Zack addy did not kill anyone. you could give sweets a super secret mission to free zack.


We need to stay a little optimistic here. Anything could happen.


Well I'm not going to say what the last episode will be like and what's going to happen, but I will say its going to be awesome, knowing the great minds of BONES. They wont disappoint anyone, and the cast does a amazing job!


i'm thinking that he'll kidnap their daughter


I think the cliffhanger is whether Booth and Bones stay together. There is a definite lack of chemistry between them (no chemistry/affection shown when baby was born).


Controversial scenarios? Hmm...Pellant turns out to be Booth's half brother through his mother? Or Pellant is the hinted at 'long lost' brother of Hodgins, and therefore legal joint heir to the Cantilever group which is one of the Jeffersonian's largest donors; mayhap giving Pellant some pull with the dynamics of the Jeffersonian and it's employees? I hope whatever the temporary shift in the show is going to be that it doesn't stifle the working relationship between B & B nor hamper a growth of the personal relationship/ new family of B & B & Baby B. That would be hugely disappointing.

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