Army Wives Review: Who's Playing Dirty?

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Fort Marshall didn't close, but that didn't stop everything from changing on Army Wives. With the new season, the drama has really been intensified and "True Colors" was no exception.

I'm having the hardest time deciding whether to believe Jackie Clarke is as big of a bitch as Audrey has made her out to be. When Claudia Joy confronted her and Jackie said she didn't think Michael was even interested in the third star, it was difficult to believe her. Didn't they all sit together and talk about whether or not the Holdens would prefer the home the Clarkes were living in? If he was only temporarily hanging around, why would Michael even consider moving?

True Colors Scene

Even if I didn't want to believe Jackie was Claudia Joy's nemesis, the evidence didn't add up. The look on Jackie's face gave her secret away, so Claudia Joy does have fuel to add to the fire should she so desire. But does she want to stoop to Jackie's level? Denise's unwillingness to see anything but starbursts and sunshine when Jackie was around didn't help matters, nor did Frank telling her that Jackie had to be her new best friend. So, true friendship is determined only by rank in the Army? That can't be right, or Roxy would have never been a part of the show.

Speaking of Roxy, after being humiliated by Denise telling her she needed to start dressing like an officer's wife, she took it to heart and really made some great changes. She doesn't look like a teenager any longer. Even Trevor was wowed by her new sophisticated appearance. Along with the dress came a feeling of self confidence that allowed her to walk into her first FRG meeting and take complete control. (Check out some of her great lines in the Army Wives quotes section.)

The heat was also on Joan as the influx of soldiers' families from Fort Hope overextended their resources. Joan made an attempt at a town hall meeting, but it was a disaster and Roland and Charlie devised a plan wherein Charlie could give Joan some advice. It didn't work out as expected, but since Joan was able to initiate the conversation on her own, she was more willing to listen. I think she and Charlie might be friends after all of that.

One thing I found strange was their big idea was to create a family-oriented question and answer website after the woman who attended the town hall meeting said she couldn't even navigate the web. Maybe the site was so poorly constructed they couldn't find anything.

Joan and Roxy made the most of their new circumstances. Denise and Claudia Joy are at each other's throats over Jackie Clarke. My guess is Michael will get his third star and remain corps commander, while Kevin Clark runs Fort Marshall. Unless this is a season-long arc and the Holdens are leaving at the end of the season. I sure hope not, as I'm a huge fan of Kim Delaney and Brian McNamara. Army Wives wouldn't be the same without them.


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Used to like it don't anymore. They consistantly portray whites as the bad guys rarely the minorities.


what about pamila we havent heard anything in awhile about her i want to know what happened sense she left. what no visits or phones calls.?


Is Kim Delaney leaving the show?


I have watched army wives from the beginning and have really enjoyed it but because of the story line this season
I will not watch it again. I don't know why they always have to put gays in good shows.


My family will stop watching now that the show is promoting gay marriage. It was a good show.


This can't be the last session of Army wifes. We need to bring back pam, and all I can say is I hope C.J. is ok... I'm sitting on pins, and needles till next week...


This season is interesting but a military wife I would love to see the enlisted point of view as well as the Officers wives point of view. They are right on target about how officers wives act but hate that the show has turn into the Officers Army Wives. As an enlisted wife we have issues as well as politics that we have to endure. I hate that Pamela left and hope it's not because she is an enlisted wife and tabooed for officers and enlisted to interact. As for the show still great writing but a bit upset that we no longer have the enlisted side point of view!


Whether this is the last season or not for Army Wives it is a well written, well acted ensemble. The Clarkes are a nice challenge for Claudia Joy and her hubby and Audrey is wonderful. Susan Lucci has done a great job with the role; people who hate Lucci may have tired of Erica Kane but people hire Lucci for a bit of Erica - Audrey is quite different though and Lucci has been subtle. Nice work - the fact that Lucci and Williams you want them off the show show that they can act because their characters aren't necessarily likeable just like Erica Kane. Love to see both of them stay til the end but Lucci's role is recurring only and I believe she is filming Deadly Affairs as well as Devious Maids. It would be nice for Army wives to include audrey in a few more shows to tie everything up and find out what is Audrey's connection to Jackie and let CJ end up the victor with Audrey's help. (Note no one cares about Audrey's husband lol)


Why did Pamela leave the show? I sure hope this isn't the last season. I hope they kick the Clark's to the curb.


Can Claudia Joy and Denise make up and make out, already?

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Ask yourself. Who do you want to get that third star? Michael or Kevin Clark?


Denise: I know, they're not the easiest group.
Roxy: Are you kidding? They're horrible.
Denise: They just need to be lead.
Roxy: Yeah, off a cliff!