Alex O'Loughlin to Take Absence from Hawaii Five-0 for Pain Med Treatment

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Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O'Loughlin will miss at least one episode of the CBS drama, his rep said today in a statement, explaining:

“Alex is taking a short break from Hawaii Five-0 to receive supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury."

Steve McGarrett Receives Call

Hawaii Five-0 will continue production - it is currently filming episode 20 - and is expected to complete all season two episodes, despite the uncertain status of its leading man. Said CBS Studios in response to the news

“We respect and support Alex’s decision. Everyone at CBS Television Studios and Hawaii Five-0 wishes him well, and we look forward to his return.”

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I'm certainly not trying to fill Alexs shoes, that would be impossible, but if he does take some extended time off this would be a good spot for James Caan to step in and help the team in his absence as a consultant and it wouldn't look like they were trying to replace him.


@amazingalex.....I am not a Sheen fan either LOL I see what you mean Thanks for clearing that up for me ((hugs))


Amazingalex......I've got your back for the butt kicking, just say the word. I'm hoping right now, he is just staying away from the TV and the internet. His family also. I think they did the right thing with coming out with it right away, but they knew some of it was going to be nasty. Eventually it will go away.


@amazingalex... I agree with all you said all what matters now is that Alex get healthy again and after ready all these lovely get well wishes I know many fans will love him through all of this. Everyone can make mistakes and we really don't know what happens. He was undoubtly in alot of pain and still trying to keep his hectic schudule. Alex is so dedicated to H5O and his fans I think he didn't want to let us down. But at some point he broke and needed to look for help.


@zia..I think he will be fine too. He has such determination in life in general. This is just a bump in the road. His fans will be waiting when all is well.


We really don't know the extent, but I cringe everytime someone says he's addicted. Makes it sound like he's on a street corner somewhere. It can happen to anyone. Once the medication runs through his system, then he should be fine. Could take a week, or a month. They need to fix the problem of the pain source, which I think with all the stunts he does was not allowed to heal properly. Lena.....I did see some really nasty people's comments after you said that on a couple of site, but I think the overall comments were supportive.


Hi everyone. I am concerned also, but I think he will be fine. There is difference between tolerance and addiction. Tolerance is when you take a medication for a period of time and then it no longer works and you need it more often or a stronger dose. Addiction is that you take it even when you are not in any pain. Everyone is different, everyone's pain level is different. Pain medication is needed, but everyone's system metabolizes it differently. That's why they have to adjust doses, it also is the same for any other medication.


@lena..Oh no I did not mean to compare him to sheen, (I am not a sheen fan at all) I just meant networks usually are pretty supportive of their stars on shows that bring them money. H50 has been a great addition to the network so I am pretty sure they will stand by him. Without him H50 would not make it. No comparison at all. AOL is so likable and does not act entitled and spoiled. He seems like he works hard and is appreciative for what he has. That is all I meant.


@lena.. I am always amazed how disgusting some comments on stories online are. I think some people just stay on the computer all day long and post nasty comments about random stories. There are some people out there who are miserable and just want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. I try to stay away from comments most of the time. That is why I signed that card, cause he will get it and will see the well wishes. That is all that really matters. His true fans are gonna love him through all of this, probably even more because he is showing he is human and makes mistakes. Admitting them I think makes him so much more likable. at least for me. I have been noticing a change for a while but I did not want to believe he would take anything. If you go back and watch you will see the change. But all that matters now is that this is hopefully behind him soon.


@amazingalex... I hope you are right Sheen was already a big star in a serie which aired for many years maybe CBS will be scared for another Sheen debacle and I really don't want Alex compare with Sheen so I decided to send some feedback to CBS that I hope they keep their word to help this amazing men who Alex is and loved by so many fans in his road back to H5O.