Alex O'Loughlin to Take Absence from Hawaii Five-0 for Pain Med Treatment

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Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O'Loughlin will miss at least one episode of the CBS drama, his rep said today in a statement, explaining:

“Alex is taking a short break from Hawaii Five-0 to receive supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury."

Steve McGarrett Receives Call

Hawaii Five-0 will continue production - it is currently filming episode 20 - and is expected to complete all season two episodes, despite the uncertain status of its leading man. Said CBS Studios in response to the news

“We respect and support Alex’s decision. Everyone at CBS Television Studios and Hawaii Five-0 wishes him well, and we look forward to his return.”

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@Zia...Same here no Super Seal McGarrett on the show then I would quit watching to. @amazingalex.. Yep 2.20 is about Max not a huge fan of him I rather have a Chin centric episode we didn't saw much of him lately. If Alex needs more time then there are a few options and for sure Peter Lenkov is aware of this maybe they should extend the season and air the finale later in May because we all know the Shellburne case will comes back then and they need Alex for sure for that one. Maybe they will change the last few episode till 2.23 and rewrite them. And moving the crossover with NCIS LA to next season.


@Zia...Maybe my wording was bad, but I never meant to imply that they would even think about replacing him and that JC would be perfect because no one would get that impression. @Lena...I hope hope he doesn't come back that soon, shoulder injuries are unbelievably painful, I could not put a top on for almost 4 months without pain and if he doesn't allow it to heal completely he is risking going through this again. He could come back and be the boss and stay out of the action or use stunt men, that could work.


@zia...AOL is H50 for me as well. Without him I would not watch. I am pretty sure the majority of fans feel the same way. That is why he is the lead. Your right he is such a hard worker. I did not think of surgery but your right, that may be necessary over the summer. That may be the best thing to do if it is that serious. Can you imagine Alex having to rest and not work out or do anything physical???? He is going to go nuts! Poor guy.


I think they will give him the time he needs. When Scott Caan torn his ACL and had surgery, they worked around that. They showed Danny using a cane and blaming it on Steve. I read that Scott Caan said after that, he did not do as many stunts himself. I hope Alex follows.


20 is about max?? That should be really funny or it could be really interesting as well. Getting to know more about him. I love max! He is so lovable!


@jschoi.....I don't think its anywhere near replacing him. If they did I would stop watching, because this is out of the ordinary for Alex, and from what I have read, he's not some jerk to people, and he shows up all the time and does his job. Which is probably what got him into this position. I know that he is the lead and his character is pivotal, but they could just give more time to the other 3, until his shoulder is completely healed. Which may mean surgery, during the summer. @Lena....I think you are right, whether it was him or H50, they tried to wait until the season ended, but good for him, or his family, they decided to take care of it now.


@jschoi..I think they said this epi they are filming now which is the 20th episode is not ab out mcg. They are def letting him take the time he needs. I think it would be great to have james again because it would give us a fun episode. They must have to wait for advancement for the wo fat story till alex returns so james would be a good temp character.


@jschoi...They shooting 2.20 now in which Alex didn't have many scene's there are some BTS from March 2 where he is still on the set so I think he have shoot his scene's for that episode and after that the news come out. When they are done with shooting 2.20 which will be a Max centric episode the cast and crew have a break because they are ahead of schedule if all go's fine with Alex he will be back when they start shooting 2.21 If Alex will no be ready for it I think they will make some changing in the storyline and James Caan would be the perfect choice to help them out.


@lena..He is a hard worker and seems so dedicated to this show and its fans. I agree with your post!! But I usually do! I see this as a move forward for next season where he will be healthy again. I am glad you know what I meant now, I did not want you to get the wrong impression. (Hugs right back at ya!!) :):) @zia..yayy another butt kicker on my team. Dont mess with us alex fans!! ha ha! If I do see a mean post I flag it or report it and it usually gets removed pretty quickly. That is one way we can fight back as well. :) I doubt he watches the tv or goes on the internet when it comes to anything about himself, he seems uncomfortable with the whole celebrity thing in general. That is what I like about him. But if he does hopefully what he sees is the support his fans are giving him.


@Zia... You and me both everytime I saw the word addicted I snap to that person there is nobody who is more concerned with his health than Alex he always eats healthy and trained to be in good shape then he is. Maybe they all knew this was coming but tried to wait till the end of the season but Alex dedided he could wait any longer,