White Collar Review: Outlaws and In-Laws

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It was a busy week for our White Collar crew: Peter entertained Elizabeth’s in-laws for her birthday weekend; Neal and Sara reunited to solve a sensitive case; Diana got engaged; Jones got to run lead; and Mozzie came in with a save for Peter.

Oh yes, "Pulling Strings" was another packed and intriguing installment of this TV Fanatic favorite.

Debra Monk and Tom Skerritt on White Collar

After weeks of wondering when she would return, we FINALLY got to have Sara back! I'm sure Sara and Neal fans were rejoicing across the country, even if there is still a significant faction of folks who aren't fans of the pair like I am.

If anything, it was great to see them together simply because it added another element to the show, especially one that allowed for the unmatched entertainment provided by Peter's in-laws. It's beyond clear that these two are not only a great working partnership but definitely exude romantic chemistry as well. Hinting at the potential for Sara and Neal to get back together was simply a bonus.

Even if you can't stand Sara, you can stand her effortless panache, which I would imitate in a heartbeat if I could. Next to Elizabeth, she's the only other female character whose style is something I look forward to getting glimpses of during the course of these great stories.

I'd be remiss now not to comment on the introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell. Elizabeth's parents are as quirky as I could possibly imagine them to be. It was no surprise that Mozzie hit it off famously with the pair.

I found it especially touching that Peter found himself leaning on Mozzie to help him sort out his birthday present mess. Let's be honest, something like that has happened to us all. We find a great deal on the Internet that we can't help but take advantage of, only something ends up going terribly wrong. Lucky for Peter, he had a comrade to assist, and the result got Elizabeth to tear up a bit. Nice save!

Then, there was one more surprise: the re-emergance of Agent Kramer. Did I hear him leaning on Diana for information about Neal? Really? What on earth was that about? Will it seriously jeopardize Neal's commutation hearing?

We must wait two more weeks for the next new episode, which at least gives us time to debate: Are you excited to have Sara back? Anxious to have Agent Kramer poking around? I know I am - in both cases!


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Please help us! We have looked everywhere but can't figure out El's gift from Moz: what is a MIS.RULE?????!!!!! We are not stupid people in our home but we are feeling a little old.


Neal & Sara.
It is wonderful to have the duo orbiting one another again. That's the way it should be. It would be lovely to catch glimpses of June more often. She's Neal's maternal influence for goodness sake.


It was a great, fun show and I liked Neal, Peter and Mozzie together. I would have liked El's father to have met Neal and analyzed him like he did Mozzie. Kramer is not so likable anymore. I think that he is jealous of Peter's success and that Peter is so well liked. He is also jealous of Neal's talent and artistry, forgetting about all the cases Neal has solved with Peter and how much money was saved for the Government. No matter how the Finale goes, I doubt that Peter and Kramer will be friends anymore. I'm glad that Sara is back. She really cares for Neal and he needs someone.


We need more of Neal and Sara. I like what Ms. Burton brings to these 2 characters. I enjoy their repartee.


what was the gift Mozzie gave to Elizabeth for her birthday?


I don't care for Sara. Obviously there were going to be problems with Neal's commutation.




Loved this episode and loved having Sara back!!! Neal and her have such great chemistry and although I want them to be back together, I also like it this way with them working together and just little hints here & there of them maybe getting back to that point. For now I think it might be awhile before we get them back together.
I thought Elizabeth parents were a great addition as well and hope to have guest appearances by them more in the future!


Great episode.......too bad we have to wait 2 weeks........Agent Kramer is up to no good....He's going to try and thwart Neal's computation hearing......hopefully Peter and Neal will outsmart him....I'm sure this will be the cliffhanger as we won't know till next season(when is that by the way) if Neal gets his computation or not......


Absolutely love White Collar and all involved. I was so happy to see Sara back and watch the interplay between them. Watching Neal get jealous over Ryan was awesome, plus the teaser of a future date was great to see. Love that both Neal and Diana wanted to see Peter's in-laws and it was sweet of Mozzie to come to the rescue. Really, really don't like Agent Kramer. He's got an agenda I'm not looking forward to seeing.

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