Vampire Diaries Interview: Zach Roerig on Playing "Special Teams"

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Matt Donovan is sick of this sh-t.

Forgive the character, but he's made it pretty clear over the last few weeks - first being there for Caroline on her birthday and then for Elena on the bridge where her parents died - that he's had enough of the people he cares about suffering at the hands of werewolves and vampires.

"His friends are starting to see that they can lean on him when they're feeling low," Zach Roerig just told me over the phone. "And Matt is starting to realize none of them should have to live this way. He's kind of sick of all this sh-it."

Fancy Matt Donovan

But what can a human being really do about it in Mystic Falls?

"I might not have a ring and I might not be able to bite your neck," the actor says. "But I'm not gonna stand for this any more."

While Roerig would not get into specifics, it's possible a few of Matt's actions get underway tomorrow night, as he snags an invite - from Rebekah?!? - to a ball thrown by the Originals at their new mansion.

"He's a bit intimidated," Roerig says of the invitation. "He figures that saying no might not be a smart move."

And Matt is all about making smart moves these days. He seems, in many ways, to be the only voice of reason in town, making the keen observation last Thursday that no one will ever be safe in Mystic Falls. Roerig compares Matt's understanding of where he fits in to positions on a football team.

"He's not the quarterback of this team," the actor says. "But he's a key member of the special teams and he'll be wherever his friends need him to be."

He's a "pretty selfless character," Roerig adds, and that's difficult to argue with. Along those lines, the star says not to expect any movement on the Matt/Elena (Melena?) front, despite the deal Klaus tried to make with Damon and Stefan last week.

"You'll see a special friendship between them rekindled," Roerig teased. "There's a genuine friendship there, but that's it."

So why not just leave town? It's dangerous there, Matt has no family remaining, no loved one holding him back.

"He's proud and stubborn and there's this feeling of 'This is my home," Roerig says. "Many fans may be wondering what Matt's purpose is, but they'll start to see soon enough."

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