TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: Save Our Shows!

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It's that stressful time of the year again, as viewers await the fate of shows planted firmly on the dreaded bubble.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, our staff gathers around and makes a plea to various networks, answering the same question we ask of readers down below: WHICH BUBBLE SHOW DO YOU MOST WANT TO SEE SAVED?

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Matt Richenthal: I stay up at night praying that the bubble on Community does not go pop, pop.

Jim Garner: My vote is for Hart of Dixie and Whitney. I enjoy both of these very much.

Carissa Pavlica: Fringe. Fringe. Fringe. It's smart, fast-paced and the acting is incredible. If ever a show deserved to be saved (a la Friday Night Lights and Damages), it is Fringe. But, please, not on DirectTV, as I have Dish Network!!

Leigh Raines: Hart of Dixie. Not only do I have the pleasure of seeing Jason Street on my screen every week, but I really just enjoy watching a nice lighthearted show. It's the antidote for every other drama on television. I also want Cougar Town saved. It was smart enough to start a grassroots social media campaign and now it's back. That deserves to be rewarded!

Lisa Palmer: Parenthood! I can't give up my weekly dose of Bravermans! 

Dan Forcella: I love Fringe, I really enjoy a relaxing night in Blue Bell, but the bubble show I most want saved is Community. My TV watching hasn't been the same since Troy, Abed, Pierce and company left it a few months back. If laughter is the best medicine, the only prescription is more Community!

Christine Orlando: I think I'm about to give a very unpopular answer: None of them. Many I haven't had the time to fit into my schedule. I like the cast of Body of Proof but the stories can border on dull. I love the plot twists on Ringer, but I don't feel enough of a connection to the characters to truly care if it doesn't get a season two. I even ended up liking Terra Nova for what it was but if it doesn't come back I won't be upset.

Lindsey Kempton: I agree with Dan. Fringe is great, but the show I most want to see renewed is Community. I think it has a really good shot after all the outcry about it being shelved.

Carla Day: It's bittersweet that Chuck isn't on the bubble this year. I already miss it, but I don't have to pick between it and Fringe this year which is nice. I love Fringe and out of all the bubble shows, it's the one I most want to have another season. Though I will miss the charming and delightful Hart of Dixie and the action-packed thriller Nikita deeply if they don't return for another season.

Chandel Charles: I am going to step out in support of Harry's Law, despite the complete restructuring of it. I think the cast is great and it would be a shame for it to go by the wayside.

Christina Tran: Private Practice has been nothing short of incredible. With the show moving to another night later this season, it's got me feeling antsy and I'm really hoping it doesn't get canned.

Nick McHatton: Cougar Town is one of the best comedies on television. I can't imagine my television season without some people drinking wine!

Miranda Wicker: I'm going to also have to throw a vote to Fringe. I feel like the story line got incredibly convoluted this season with all the different universes and I'd like the show to get at least one more season for the writers to straighten everything out in a way that doesn't require a degree in astrophysics to understand. Plus, I think I will always need Joshua Jackson on my TV screen in some way. Always.

Arlene Gonzalez: Cougar Town please! The writing is brilliant, the ensemble cast is perfect and Lori kills me with her facial contortions and wardrobe choices. Plus, how can you not love a show with a giant Bull Mastiff AND penny can!!!

Eric Hochberger: Quite frankly, I can't believe this isn't a unanimous vote for Community.  I can't even imagine a world where I didn't wake up to Troy and Abed in the morning. Though honorable mention goes to Big Carl and the Cul-de-sac crew.

Your turn, readers: Which bubble show do you most hope is saved?