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omg another break?! also how does this all work? is the episode "all my children" will be the last one in this month?! damon's past .. great, so less scenes with elena


I really hope it does NOT involve mopey muppet hair Damon. Other then that - bring on the How I Became Awesome! (and then lost it.)


@Bored Now, i'm sorry you feel that way about the writers.
This episode is gonna rock! I always wondered what made this cute little curly-haired army boy into...Damon. And like what Annie said, Damon only lashes out when he's hurt, which is usually by Elena..


This is going to be an epic episode. I love all the flashback episodes, they are even more intriguing than the normal ones. I can't wait!


im so over DELENA .. For sure ELENA will end to STEFAN again... And she hurt DAMON so badly.. Damon and KATHERINE should date again..


He saved MATT from Phsyco Kol, so it is a good thing that he lashed out.

And WOW was Elena a bitch to him at the end -

Damon: I am mad at you because I love you...
Elena: Well, maybe that is the problem...

Ouch!!! I like Elena but this time she was a nasty girl. So good on Damon for sleeping with Rebeka!

OW was awsome, best part of the episode.


At this point Damon is pretty much carrying the entire show. The only reason I and everyone I know (and I know many people) watch this show is to eventually see Elena wise up and realize that Damon is the one she truly needs to be with. If a vampire takes its strongest human trait (ie, Elijah with his honor) then Damon's strongest trait is his ability to love. He loved Katerina too much...and now may be loving Elena too much...but I have hopes that she will eventually get over it. Who doesn't want a man to try to take care of her? He just needs to let go of the control issue. She isn't going to be controlled, she is 18. It is kind of her job to rebel. Well, to conclude my rant, I hope the writers stay true to Damon's character on March 15.


I am looking forward to this episode. Damon has always been a fascinating character to me, and it would be cool to learn more about his past. He's a very dark, complex and very passionate person. And if we have even less Elena in the episode that we usually get then it will be an episode full of win for me.


Honestly, can't they find clothes to fit him? I know he is thin but surely they have tailors in Geogia. The sleeves of that tux are too long and the jacket too big. His body is much too gorgeous to hide.


I can't wait for this!!!! I hope it lives up to expectations though.

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