The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Dangerous Liaisons"

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One dastardly mother. One aspiring landscape artist. One ridiculously hot sex scene.

The Vampire Diaries may have aired a slow episode this week, but it's all relative. There's still PLENTY for our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella to analyze from "Dangerous Liaisons." And they get right to it below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Sometimes the obvious choice is the only one. Especially when it involves clothes being torn off and gorgeous female vampires being pinned against the wall. Yeah. The sex scene.

Steve: Stelena almost kissing. They're totally setting up the love triangle to end all love triangles and it's getting more riveting by the week. Take note, Gossip Girl.

Eric: In an episode filled mostly with conversation and tension, I have to thank Damon for shaking things up when he attacked Kol. Oh wait, should have read question two...

Dan: Not a scene, per se, but my favorite single moment from the episode was learning that the Originals' last name is Mikaelson. That means that dear old father's full name was Mikael Mikaelson! I can't believe Damon didn't have any quick-witted commentary on that little nugget

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Dumber Damon decision: going after Kol, telling Elena he loves her or getting it on with Rebekah?
Matt: It may have seemed romantic, but come on. D dropped the L bomb way too quickly. The two just kissed a couple weeks ago. He has to woo Elena a bit, take her out to dinner, buy her some flowers for Valentine's Day. Did he really think she was in the proper state of mind to simply melt over his declaration?

Steve: Going after Kol. The other two decisions can be chalked up to other urges that are far more understandable than picking a fight with an Original and potentially his entire family. Not even Damon can take all six of them.

Eric: Well, I'm blaming the first and third on the second, so let's go with the unreciprocated declaration. Maybe you should try dating her first. Or finding someone that didn't date your brother for two years.

Dan: Anything but the last one. Did you see that final scene? I'm still all hot and bothered after witnessing it. If Esther's plan works, who knows what kind of consequences can even come to Damon? So I'd have to go with choice two.

Harder to believe: Esther wants to murder her own children, Elena and Caroline know how to do a centuries-old waltz or Matt lives in Mystic Falls with no health insurance?
Matt: Shouldn't there be a fourth option: that Matt is the starting quarterback for Mystic Falls High School? Have we ever seen him practice in the last two seasons?!? The only use of Matt's shoulder that we've witnessed recently has been a spot for Caroline and Elena to cry on. He should be dedicating more time to overcoming a zone blitz and less time to overcoming an impending hybrid army.

Steve: Two of the three are quite believable, at least in the world of The Vampire Diaries. After Klaus killed Esther, and she spent a 1,000 years ruminating on that from the other side, why wouldn't she want payback? As for Elena and Caroline, all the town does is throw balls, dances and festivals with age-old traditions. Obviously MF teens can waltz like no other. The only dubious option is Matt's insurance status. He's still a dependent who's in high school, right? And from a seemingly well-off or at least middle-class family? No way he needs Obamacare.

Eric: Please, Steve, Mystic Grill is way too small to fall under Obamacare, even if it does monopolize the Mystic Falls bar scene. And it's only been one episode of Esther, we'll learn more. So the real question is: how the heck does everyone knew that Waltz!? Man, I need to sign up for lessons. You never know when vampires are coming to town to throw a ball.

Dan: Yeah, the revenge is warranted and it is a very historic town, so the winner is Matt not having insurance. Even though Zach Roerig turns 27 soon, he's playing a 17-year old who would be on his parents health insurance. I don't care if his parents deserted him, he's still under their care, right?

Klaroline: Are you buying it at all?
Matt: No, this was my one major complaint from the episode. There was too much pandering to the show's shippers. Between the glances at the ball and the extended tease of Caroline softening to Klaus, it really came across like the writers' priority was to fie up the Twitter world.

Steve: Not particularly, but I'll tell you what I am buying: One of Klaus' paintings, for Dan Forcella, whose man-crush surely grew even more intense last night.

Eric: I was the biggest disbeliever until the sketch of Caroline and the horse. Not sure if I'm buying any art pieces or relationships yet, but I am certainly buying into half the relationship.

Dan: OHHHHH. EMMMMM. GEEEEEE. It's like a magical conjunction for me! My Klaus and my Caroline together for the end of time? Jetting off to Paris, Rome and Tokyo to take in the sights? My heart is surely a flutter! I'm buying. I'm buying it big time! Steve, I will take as many Klaus paintings as you want to buy me. Eric, that sketch, yup! Wow. Klaroline FTW!

Which newly awakened Original made a better first impression: Kol or Finn?
Matt: Kol clearly had the better lines, but he's pretty much a male version of Rebekah and we've seen that attitude before. But for Finn to be totally down with his own death? There's gotta be more to his story. I'm intrigued.

Steve: Neither really. They were sort of on the periphery with Esther commanding the attention. This isn't necessarily bad, though. They're still Originals who can pop off and crush some poor Grill employee's hand at a moment's notice. An air of mystery lingers with those two around for sure. Seemingly irrelevant, you get the feeling they could instantly become relevant ... unlike certain witches/Petrovas who have become mere plot devices.

Eric: How is that a question?  Kol had his hilarious love affair with the mirror and crushed the quarterback's hand. What did Finn have besides a weirdly sexual moment with his mother?

Dan: Finn made almost no impression on me, so I guess I have to go with Kol.

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