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Loved that episode, was on tenderhooks the whole time! I laughed at the note Damon left Elijah - xoxo - I thought first Georgie, now Damon, will we ever know who the real gossip girl is??!!!


Rebecca and Elijah's plan to make sure Klaus is always alone was to kill Elena. I think Elijah's real plan is to turn her into a vampire so Klaus can't make anymore hybrids. Love the show! Love the characters and the actors! Love Elena! Don't know how anyone can love the show and not love Nina!


Your theory that maybe Jeremy killed those council members makes sense. Maybe Klaus compelled him to do it? And the writers didn't want to tell us if or when Jeremy will return. So maybe you're right.


HA! Told you so ! It was Mama Original ! :D


God, is everything the most people are caring about is which fanatic couplefanbase will win.
I love the part when Niklaus told both (by the way very adorable) Salvatore brother that Elena could never be really happy if she`s having a Salvatore at her side. That`s very true. She wants to stay human, have kids and grow old. That isn`t possible with a vampire. Neither Damon nor Stefan. I think that Damon will move into another girl (and i think this will be Rebecca) to stay away from Elena. Even if he will hurt her. She earns to have the normal life she want. The only loophole the whole stuff has is like the one in the stupid books. Elena gets there a spell in form of a rose and this spell could turn a vampire back into a human. But it is her choose who she wants to turn..So Elena, be careful what you want..


i feel like if Claus' mom was up to no good she would have killed Bonnie and her mom....loved seeing all the boys at dinner, Elijah looks much sexier this time around and i def think Claus' other brothers wont be so quick to forgive


I was glued to the tv the entire time. It was like shocking moment after shocking moment after shocking moment. And Yes, I would have loved to have been sitting at that table with all those hot vamps. The family reunion I didn't see coming but it was kind of awesome and left me feeling all unsure. I don't know where I stand anymore. I don't know where my allegiances lie...I don't know anything!


They do have a's Klaus, the hybrid. It's a pretty big storyline on the show.


I know that because of fingerprint everyone thinks it Katherine who is killing everybody, but I don't belive so. she is not so... sneaky. she plays games when she has audience, and she wouldn't go around killing people dramatically, unless she wanted to make a point. and she does not.

but if I think of the fingerprints... what about original doppelganger?


I do believe that mother came to forget and forgive. because, originals have (weird but strong) fellings of love. even klaus wants his family reunited, he just wanted to make everything perfect for that moment (as in killing everyone who stood in his way). and OW, is a mother after all, so... I don't believe that she is planing any kind of revenge on klaus.

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