The Vampire Diaries February Finale: What to Expect

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So the Original children now have a Mother of a problem, and Damon has a new (HOT!) notch in his bedpost. These were the two biggest developments on last night's "Dangerous Liaisons."

On a somewhat slower episode of The Vampire Diaries, they set the stage for next week's "All My Children," the final installment before the show goes on hiatus again for a few weeks. So, what can fans look forward to during that hour?

  • Elena being "pissed" about Damon and Rebekah (Ramon?), according to Julie Plec, as news of that hook up moves quickly through Mystic Falls.
  • Bonnie and her mother to be recruited by Esther in her mission to off Klaus and company.
  • A full moon.
  • And, based on the following promo, a major threat against Elena's life.

Check out the preview now and, don't get your hopes up Forwood fans: still no sight of Tyler. He won't return until the spring...

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I hope Elijah does'nt die and keep him for up coming sesons or any of the originals just yet.The build up is too big just to write them off instantly.Like what they did to micheal he was the big bad original then after what 3 -4 ep he dies come on!Bring on Stefan and the originals.


okay being somewhat of a cg artist, it is possible that the show needs these break for rendering time. just because the initial movement (acting, scenes etc.) is over with, now they need to edit and add the special effects and with hints of Bonnie coming back with mommy witch its gonna be a sight to see i am guessing they need that time for editing. and im sure the actors are looking forward to much needed time off. anyhoo, as for the show.... i was captivated at first. I was all over watching the episodes as they came out and got me all excited for the next Thursday, but that magic is fading. either the writing has gone out the window, or they are pushing the wrong things and holding out on the wrong things. either way something is lost in transition and hopefully when they come back from their extended vacations things will pick up and be back in full swing. i am still rooting that this show wont go down the drain like "heroes" did in the third season.


I want Delena for real. I hope Rebekkah dies! F**king biatch trying to ruin Delena! Oh hell no! That's not happening on my watch!


I love this show and all the charecters on it. I just hate that the only time we really see Bonnie is when a spell needs to be done. Even for the short time she was with Jeremy she was all spells and magic and no personilaty. I would like to see Bonnie have some fun. Since there are no rules with her magic, why can't she use it to let loose. I mean she is still a teenager.


Well, the promo didn't show us anything else then Elena being in danger and Stefan wanting to safe her. And Elijah kind off pissed, (in his calm way).
After reading about Bonnie and her mother being recruited by Esther on "kill my children" mission, I can't help to sigh.. I mean, first Bonnie knows all of the spells in the book (it seems), because somehow her mother and Bonnie opened the casket and well.. You see where I'm going. I will stop. But why take a break TVD? I feel like you've just started..

Kitanishi h mcdonald

.if you hate the show so much than why do you still watch it??
Because Caroline is awesome. She is last bit of consistent good quality writing left in this show that held so much promise. And even now she is getting ruined by the whole klaus nonsense writers are pushing onto the show.


It seems like every season we are getting more and more hiatuses (yes I am sure that is not a word but whatever)...I know that they have 22-24 episodes so they have to offer up repeats but I really cant go another few weeks without new episodes. As that will be 3x15 I am sure they will be off until April and then have all new episodes for the rest of the season that is what I am thinking will happen: 7 week break and back April 5


Bored now I think that all you like is to hear yourself talk and write comments as you have no life YOU really need to stop writing about the show.


LETS SEE Mother > Klaus > Elijah > Katherine > Elena with other detours like Michael thrown in for diversion SO WHO IS AFTER MOTHER?? TATYA? Too weak? how about The Volturis?


Bored Now...if you hate the show so much than why do you still watch it?? If I was hating this show so much too, I would just simply stop watching it. And I really wish people would stop comparing TVD to Buffy and Charmed. Of coarse its not going to be as good, and there's nothing you can do about it so stop whining that Buffy is better and just get over it.

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