The Vampire Diaries Episode Trailer: A Killer Party Invite

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Don't let the outfits in the following Vampire Diaries preview fool you. Black tie does not always equate to boring and stuffy.

Indeed, following an Original reunion to close out this week's "Bringing Out the Dead," our favorite CW thrilled has sent out an invitation to all fans. Just be warned: the party to come on next Thursday's "Dangerous Liaisons" look to be killer - and we aren't just talking about the punch.

Look for a formal ball to take center stage on the installment, hosted at Klaus' new mansion. Elena will attend, so will both Salvatore suitors, and Caroline will discover a new side to the host on the dance floor, as teased in this set of episode photos.

What "horrifying plan," as teased in the official CW synopsis, will Elena become privy to? And who will she trust with that information? Rats. We'll need to tune in and find out...

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"Twisted Cinderella fetish"? Say thank you that you are invited, Caroline..or maybe do you have better things to do? Like watching Jersey Shore? Get your head of your ass, Caroline...


Caroline and Klaus! YAY!


Love the way new 'mansions' just appear in this wee small town.....

David and sabrina 2014

It seems strange about a mysterious killer in Mystic Falls and a ball in Klaus's mansion, but things can go bad as they seem. It may seem fancier than any other episode of dances but I mostly want to see what happens. The pictures look cool and mysterious but next week's episode is going to be awesome and insane. =) =O =P


seems to be a pretty interesting episode! Hope for some original brother hate to surface! Would be stunning to see Katarina and Finn run of together! :D

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