The Secret Circle Review: A Bad Banana

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"Medallion" was full of twists that I felt coming... but I didn't know just how twisted they might get. Some fairly big knots were tied and it seems we will be dealing with the consequences of this episode for some time to come.

A Bonded Circle

It was a cool twist that Cassie was seen in the boat yard 16 years ago. Apparently the memories of some of those who were there had been altered to remember her presence. The woman who came to Cassie was her dad's psychic, to protect him from witch hunters. A surprise revealed she betrayed her circle and Dawn was just waiting for her to come back for the last 16 years.

I've never seen someone on TV buy bananas as overripe as what Dawn pulled out of her shopping bag. She may have good witch skills, but the chick needs to learn to buy better produce! She was also getting unexplained slices down the middle of her hand. It turned out to be a "marking" on the psychic. The psychic marked Dawn, so to speak, and then the psychic had a final mark of her own.

I knew the psychic was off. She was too sweet, and then acted too frightened when Dawn confronted her. Nobody acts like that. Cassie was also too willing to listen to this woman despite of having no actual proof that anything she said was true. Cassie's as reckless as the adults, and they are borderline ridiculous.

No matter how much they try to convince us that there is something preordained in the cards for Cassie and Adam, I don't think Cassie is good enough for him. Diana's speech at Adam's birthday party was amazing. Cassie has known about being a witch for mere months. How can anyone give what she thinks credence just because her parents had dark magic?

Cassie's character isn't alluring or charming enough to be able to change a group of kids who have been friends since birth, lost their parents at the same time and have shared so much. Cassie is my biggest problem with The Secret Circle and until she becomes at least slightly sympathetic it's going to be hard to respect her.

Her realization that the psychic was stealing their powers and turning all bad ass at the end didn't feel right. Britt Robertson can't pull that off without making me want to laugh. Maybe that's part of the process. They have to make her unappealing and want us to fight against her in order to convince us to want to fight with her when it's really needed.

For now, I can't stop thinking she was a plain teenage girl until very recently, and she's not handling her new life very well. Her new friends had been on a pretty decent path prior to her arrival. Now they are falling apart. What do you think? Is Cassie a good addition to the circle and a good influence on them? Is she just a bad banana? What might the show have been like if it had taken longer for her to show up in town? I would have liked to more time with the original semi-circle before she arrived.

Check out the quotes and come back tomorrow for an updated section of The Secret Circle music in order to glean more fun information from "Medallion."


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Rhianna speranzo

the only thing that really got me mad was when Jake and Faye hooked up. I am all for Cake (cassie and jake xD) so this made me really despise Jake. The only good thing is that Faye was just his back up


Cassie definitely hasn't gotten very adept at handling the responsibility behind her powers. She seems to invite danger into their lives at every turn, often because she's waaaay too trusting (hasn't anyone on this show ever heard of stranger danger). Desperately want fewer Adam/Cassie/Jake scenes and more forward momentum. Some of the frustration stems from comparing this to 'Witness' - which was a series high - but geez, it sure seems like they want to snub any dramatic tension in favour of chaste teen romance. Our take:


While I do agree with most things that Carissa said, I can't stop but feel bad for Faye. I understand that her recent actions have been more than stupid, including her experiments with drugs that will probably get Melissa in trouble in the nearest future, but come on ... the girl really loves that damn Jake, who's using her as a doormat (or in the recent case, a bed sheet). Why do the writers need to make her look so pathetic? I think Fayke hookup was really hot, but on the big scale ... it's just another way to humiliate the supposedly bitchy character on the show.


I think the episode was ok, but 'Witness' was a lot better. Adam annoys me SO MUCH, he acts like Cassie's big brother/father figure. My Cake shipper heart broke a little because of this ep ! They were headed in a good direction, i do think it is a good thing that the show didn't just forget the fact that Jake did kill an innocent witch. Because if Cassie and Jake ever get serious, she must know about it. Anyway can't wait to see what happens next, but i reallllyyy ship Cake, hope there is still hope for them and that it's not all Adam/Cassie now :s :(


Carissa, agreed 100% with you. The scene with Cassie trying to be bad was awkward, and she does seem to be getting the circle in enough trouble. She's fixated on the medallion's powers.
And I'm glad I didn't read the books. Just because two characters "have chemistry" in the books does not mean it will translate to the screen. Adam and Cassie have a brother/sister vibe to me.


I like Faye and Jake together. They just seem to understand each other more. She is the first to always know what he is thinking and their scenes always make me laugh.


Faye and Jake


@Sa'ad702 The reason I said the psychic marked Dawn SO TO SPEAK was because by Dawn's tracking of the psychic left a physical slice on Dawn, similar to the slice we then saw on the psychic's neck. @madison The Fayke hookup was a mere 20 second scene. It was in the recap instead of the review, but if it happens again, they'll definitely be a hot topic for TV Fanatic! @hareinpa Struggling with book adaptations is very difficult when dealing with a TV series, because we have to look at them as separate for reviews. Fate has it that Cassie is to lead the coven, but they just haven't done a good job on the show to prove her worth. She is self-centered and takes risks that put others in jeopardy. Faye does that, but I wonder if it's mostly because she's jealous of Cassie. Were they all closer and friendlier before Cassie's arrival? Maybe the books did a better job of making it all understandable, but last night just hit me that they would be better off without Cassie Blake.


also, i think jake is now gonna be anti-cassie, and use faye to try to get whatever it is he wants out of the circle, cassie is starting to push everyone away


Adam does deserve better. He cares about Cassie and the only thing that she can thinka about is herself and her past. She does not even want to be bothered with anything else.She uses Adam as help and I dont think that is right. You know he has feelings for you so dont use him like that

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There's no room for Jake between us.


She did tell me something disturbing, though. Did you dig up your dad's grave? With Jake?


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