The Lying Game Review: Muddy Waters

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Last week's The Lying Game ended with an ab-tastic Ethan Whitehorse getting arrested by the FBI. In "Not Guilty as Charged," Ethan was brought back to Phoenix, booked on murder charges and had a pretty interesting arraignment.

My only gripe about an otherwise flawless episode is the fact that something about the law stuff seemed a bit off. Now I don't know all that much about thise area, but if the FBI arrested Ethan, wouldn't he have been booked in a Federal prison? Also, how did a local DA take over the case? Lastly, if Alec recused himself, why was he at the arraignment? Okay, onto the good!

Ethan's Mug Shot

You all know I was a bit bored with the time at the ranch, but Ben Whitehorse left us with a few gems during his conversation with Thayer. First of all, he obviously witnessed the taboo romantic moment between Ethan and Sutton. No matter what Ethan said to fake Emma (aka Sutton), there isn't "nothing" going on.

Family drama combined with running from the police doesn't serve as an aphrodisiac. I don't care how many fireplaces there are and how in touch with nature you're feeling, there was no need for that romance. Also considering how irritated Ethan is by Sutton, I'm super surprised how quickly he cheated.

I read in a lot of comments that people feel like although Emma is definitely nicer, she is not all that innocent. True, she did steal her sister's boyfriend. That's a fact. So, yes, both sisters do have their faults. However, after that move Sutton pulled tonight, telling Ethan that Emma slept with Thayer and telling Emma that she slept with Ethan, that was downright bitchy! Team Emma, people.

I think we can all agree that Sutton has a vindictive agenda. Will Emma and Ethan be able to get passed it? Another thing: will Mads be able to forgive Sutton? How will Mads and Thayer handle the suspicions about Alec? Thayer seems a bit stronger, but Mads is still in denial about her father's shadiness.

One person who is obviously not afraid to call him on it is Rebecca. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Charisma Carpenter on this show! Okay, so theory time: did Rebecca follow Alec that night and snap that photo? Is that the leverage she has in order to lock him down as a husband?

The note was similar to the note that was sent to Emma. But what about the text? That was very Pretty Little Liars esque. Then again, these shows were created by the same writer. Rebecca seemed very self assured when she was comforting Emma. Obviously she is pretty confident in whatever she is crafting up. 

What's your theory? Will we ever hear about Annie Hobbs again? What will happen with Alec and Derek's murder case?


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Emma is a pretender and a thief, she stole sutton's boyfriend, friends and family as if that wasn't enough she wishes sutton will never return home so she would take her place forever, how wicked is that? I don't think projecting Sutton as an evil person now is the best idea cause in the older episodes she seemed very nice especially to emma till she saw the prom pictures so it was emma who stabbed sutton first. As for Ethan, he can go with emma for all i care, i hate both of them.


Pls i am not the Brenda that commented on the rape stuff but the one dat commented on How she hates Ethan. Pls viewers, it's the writers' fault dat's why u guys hate sulton, cuz they didn't tell us more about her history but they told us about Emmas'


Pls i don't care if u guys hate Sulton, but what i have to say is that I HATE ETHAN. The dude is trying to break the twins up. If he wasn't dating either of them, Sulton won't ve been bad. Emma is trying to take everything Sulton has and it's so unfair. Pls the movie is FAKE. THE LIES DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. A friend is someone that sees u the way you re and not to leave you for another. Sulton friends are suppose to be there for her no matter what. And why did they kill Char's character, i love her character and she is the only one that is real. I love Mad's brother, Sulton's parent n also her sister. But i hate Ethan, pls kill his character. THE MOVIE IS FAKE SO PLS DO SOMETHING BUT LET SULTON GO BACK TO HER LIFE. What happened to the laptop scene


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Rhianna speranzo

i hated how sutton did that to emma! Such a bitch move!! Exactly why this episode made me finally love the show :P


I wish the writers will dwell into Sutton's character more. They are just trying to make her a bad person and a villian for the show because it sounds like a good plot: bad twin hurts good twin. I want to know why Sutton is acting the way she is, what happended to her, why is she so distant from her parents. Kisten said they were really close but then something changed and I know Sutton feels betrayed because her parents told her that her mom was dead I just want to know more about her back history. We saw Emma's. I think they are just trying to make her a villian so no one will miss her when she is dead. I want Sutton to work with the team and see Emma and Sutton as REAL sisters. She can still have an upright personality. Like in Gossip Girl Chuck Bass did some horrible things but most of the viewers still like him because he tries to redeem himself and they are sympathetic to him. Like in season 2 he became an orphan and it was a horrible time for him. etc


Emma "stole" to Sutton to Ethan?. Ethan chose Emma. I understand the pain of Sutton. Nobody likes to be told that is no longer one the person you want. I do not like what he did Sutton. I think it was very bad. Sutton said, not with me, not with Emma.
Ethan was stupid to not see that it was Sutton. I think Emma and Ethan are victims of Sutton.
When Ethan finds out the truth. Emma will for forgive him?. Or they will not be together?. What think you?.
I'm so sad for the pain of Ethan and Emma. I want to see them happy. Perhaps Emma's happiness is being with Thayer.
I like change of Kristin she let to be a fool . I think she can help you discover the whole truth.


I think Sutton is such a bitch! I have always known that she wanted to get back with Ethan, and she was hurt when she heard Ethan tell her that she meant nothing to him. So she tried to break Ethan and Emma's relationship. That was really a low move, she's such a bitch.


So glad to see the return of soulless sutton! I was worried she might actually turn over a new leaf but its so much better this way. I wouldn't wan't her deviousness to go to waste over ethan of all people. By the way, what was he thinking? I understand that sutton helping resolve his family issues meant a lot, but emma did nothing to deserve that.

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I watched my son get dragged off in handcuffs for murder, I think I'll remember it.


Emma: Ok people are staring at me.
Laurel: It's probably that "A" you got on your history final. Or that your boyfriend just got arrested for murder.

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