Supernatural Round Table: "The Slice Girls"

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Supernatural dealt with the dangerous ramifications of a one-night stand on "The Slice Girls" last Friday, an episode that featured guest star Sara Canning and a shooting by Sam.

In the latest edition of a TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Sean McKenna, Carissa Pavlica and Matt Richenthal breakdown the action, analyzing Dean's choice of hookup music and more...


Dean hooking up to AC/DC. Hot or not?
Carissa: Hot. Had he hooked up to Britney Spears? Not.

Sean: Definitely hot. It feels like it’s been a while since Dean got to be his true ladies man self and a little classic rock simply amped up the steam factor.

Matt: Not. There's too much pressure. You shook me all night long? Come on. What guy can live up to that standard?!?

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you like the idea of Dean becoming a father?
Carissa: It was done in a really cool way, and I wish it had worked such that they could have kept her around. That would have definitely made up for all the losses this season, and turned their lives upside down.

Sean: It was an interesting idea, but my only fear is that the concept doesn’t get discussed the rest of the season. I mean, c’mon, that’s his kid!

Matt: Not really. A good try and certainly different, but she only stuck around for the one episode. Plus, we've seen Dean play the father role with Ben before.

Should Sam have shot Dean's daughter?
Carissa: Yes. Her short life was three days long. Three days of learning to hate; in particular her father, Dean. If she didn't kill him then she would have eventually.

Sean: Yes. I know it brings back up the “a monster is a monster” idea but not only did we get to see her brought up with killing Dean in mind, but she was also ready to do so. Sam saved his brother even if the kill was familial.

Matt: Yes. Unless Sam didn't want his brother to live because she surely would have killed him. He was doing what he had to do. Such is life sometimes.

Does it make the brothers even since Dean killed Sam's friend, Amy?
Carissa: I don't think it's tit for tat, but it certainly helped Sam to understand where Dean was coming from when he made the decision and I thought it was really great the way the show chose to spin that past choice on it's edge in a way that brings the brothers closer.

Sean: I agree with Carissa that it’s not the exact same experience but I think both brothers have gotten a taste of how difficult it is, especially when it’s personal. To be honest with everything the brothers have gone through, it’s a wonder they’ve been able to keep it relatively together this long.

Matt: It makes them even on killing someone personal, but it's not the same. It was Dean's daughter, after all.

Is it really Bobby that keeps causing weird happenings like moving the paper or is it something else entirely?
Carissa: I'm only guessing based on things that I've gleaned off of the Net, and the lack of finality to the Bobby issue on the show, but yes. I think he's coming back in some shape or form.

Sean: I don’t know. I feel like it must be important, but is it Bobby? I keep thinking it might be someone else entirely.

Matt: Bobby as a ghost? Maybe. Castiel coming back? Perhaps. Either way, there's something mysterious going on and it's not just a coincidence.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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