Southland Review: Tackling the PR Machine

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"Integrity Check" put the cops of Southland on display, as the LAPD used a film crew to try and garner some good PR. In the end, though, it was the film crew's integrity I found questionable.

Tang Throws a Tackle. For a petite woman, Tang sure knew how to make a tackle. Unfortunately for the suspect, the knife was facing the wrong way when she fell. Should Tang have tackled her, shot her, tazed her or just waited to see how it all played out? 

Officer Tang

There was plenty of second guessing but Tang did what she thought was right. When a suspect has a weapon, there's no way to guarantee that no one will get hurt no matter what your response.

A Badge Bunny Threesome? Ben and Sammy's day started off all laughs. Ben woke up with not one, but two badge bunnies, although Sammy jibed that he had his beer goggles on this time. 

Either way, Ben didn't have much time to spend with the ladies the following morning. One of their husbands came home, which sent Ben doing a leap of shame out the window in his underwear. 

Ben's day went from bad to worse when he accused Sammy of planting evidence. I understood why Ben jumped to that conclusion, but I was a bit surprised he confronted Sammy with it.

When the truth came out, Ben's instincts were at least right about confessing their screw up to their supervisor.  Obviously the other cop would have happily shoved his mistake under the rug and left a suspect with the extra six months on his sentence.

Ben also did the right thing when he apologized to Sammy but the damage was done. Sammy's got reason to be hurt and angry. No matter what the argument, it's lousy to find out your partner doesn't trust you.

Lydia dons a uniform. Just barely. She had to fight to get that vest on. That should have been a sign. And if Tang was throwing tackles, then Lydia was on the receiving end.

Lydia's denial about how her pregnancy affects her job was just reckless. She was putting herself and her baby in jeopardy. She needs to face reality and deal with the fact that she's having a child and that will mean spending several months behind a desk. 

Back with the film crew, Copper and Tang showed them the new skid row but apparently that term's no longer politically correct. Now it's the Central City Recovery Zone or CCRZ. Considering the man peeing on the sidewalk I'd say the neighborhood still needs more time to recover.

Dewey proved to be more of an idiot than usual. He waffled between believing the cameras were off and posturing for an Oscar. The department will be paying someone off to edit Dewey out.

The planking contest in the middle of Hollywood Blvd was just... ludicrous? Asinine? Pick whatever word for beyond stupid you'd like to chose. If one of those morons got run over I wouldn't have shed a tear.

Cooper's attack at the end left me shaking. That assailant biting Cooper's neck until he bled profusely was horrifying. Worse was that the cameraman stood only feet from the attack and never lifted a finger to help. He just continued to film.

Yes, I know that's his job and he's not a cop but at some point helping a man in trouble is just being human. By the end I really wanted to see Tang kick his ass.

What was your reaction to the film crew? Did you think Sammy planted evidence? And is it time for Lydia to come clean? Once again, Southland made me think and got my heart rate up all at once.

Integrity Check Review

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