Smash Review: Secrets and Sacrifices

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The first two episodes of Smash were primarily about the creation of an idea and the casting of Marilyn. Tonight, in "Enter Mr. Dimaggio," we learned more about the people involved and the intermingling of Broadway.

Derek and Ivy are sleeping together. Whoopee! I don't think she got Marilyn because of that, but their new relationship will definitely create questions. I almost feel a little bad for Ivy about it, but she did bring it on herself. She didn't have to give in to the temptation.

Marilyn and Joe

Derek is hot, but he still is a bit of an ass. I'm not sure he is as into her though as she is him. His comment in bed about them getting together to talk about Marilyn didn't come across as a joke, rather like he used that to cover for his non-nonchalance about their relationship. Though he did go watch her performance and stop by her dressing room. Could he care? Or, was that just a bootie call?

As much as Tom wanted Ivy for the role of Marilyn, it was clear that Julia did not want Michael involved at all. Why didn't Tom see that? He came across more self-absorbed than previously. Even his concern for Ivy was more about his hatred of Derek than really caring if she was being used by him. I loved Tom's enthusiasm initially, but as he is revealing more about himself I'm not sure about him.

Almost the same can be said about Julia. She was introduced as a career woman, who cared deeply about her family. This torrid affair with Michael was shocking and seemed out of character for her. Yet, at the same time, it was a truly passionate love affair. Unlike Derek and Ivy's relationship, Julia and Michael seemed to have something special.

I feel bad for Frank sitting at home having given up his career for his family, But I actually feel a bit for Julia as well. During "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," it was difficult to tell if she felt it was worth ending the affair for her family. She seemed to be second guessing her decision by reflecting on mundane family life rather than the happy moments. Now that Michael is married with a child, their feelings for each other are going to be even more complicated. Julia needs to keep him at a distance, though the temptation may be too much.

While Julia and Frank are still together and he doesn't even know about the affair (for now), Eileen held strong to her decision to end her marriage and business relationship with Jerry. How many drinks will Jerry have thrown in his face in public before he gives up? He was willing to risk everything to divorce her, but one new pair of $50 earrings got him all worked up. Interesting.

Out of everyone involved, I most want the musical to succeed for Eileen. She deserves it. She has put in the years working on productions and shouldn't need a man, especially her soon-to-be ex-husband, to make it happen. If a production is a good idea, it is a good idea. Someone will see that and she will get her $200,000.

Speaking of money, were you surprised the actors only get $200 a week during workshop? That's not a lot in Iowa and it's even less in New York City. I appreciate this true look at struggling actors. In order to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, they have to make sacrifices.

Would you make that sacrifice to potentially achieve your dream? As Derek said, "... a lot can happen in five years."

Then, there is the despicable Ellis! He is crossing all kinds of boundaries to get what he wants, which is money. In the premiere, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I really thought he was just naive about the video. Now, I'm not so sure.

He is a bigger ass than Derek. At least, Derek has talent and is a jerk with a purpose. Ellis is a wannabe, who has overstepped his position. He never should have talked to Julia the way he did and, to be honest, I'm surprised she let him get away with it.

I understand that he thinks he deserves credit and money for coming up with the idea for Marilyn. And he may be right to a certain degree. But mentioning that a Marilyn musical would be a good idea and bringing that most basic of ideas to fruition is an entirely different thing. I probably would have supported him asking for credit of some sort initially, but not any more. He lost that right when he stole Julia's book.

Those were HER ideas, not his. She and Tom were responsible for the songs and story, not him. Unfortunately, I expect his evilness to only worsen now that he knows about her affair with Michael. He needs to be gone NOW! Another example of Tom being blind to what is happening around him.

As much as I hate Ellis , I love Karen. She didn't get the part of Marilyn (yet), but she remained in high spirits about the offer to be in the ensemble. She is too talented to stay there for long. I expect that she will end up with a lead role soon enough. Her trip to Iowa wasn't very interesting, but again it all comes back to achieving a dream. Her father's support both emotionally and financially is going to allow her to give it a shot. What an amazing moment for both Karen and her parents!

This was the slowest Smash episode so far, even the songs were nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed that the show stepped away from the musical for an episode and let us get to know the people involved better. We got a chance to find out their dreams and the sacrifices they are willing to make to achieve those dreams.


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I am a fan of the show, but there are too many moments that drag in dialogue. I enjoy all scenes with Julia and Tom. Their chemistry is great! Karen and Dev, for me, are missing something in their interaction with each other that make their relationship a little less believable, although I realize they are supposed to be right now "regular people" in careers that will eventually test their "niceability" factor. I would like to see more glimpses into those possibilities. Last night brought some of that out, but there wasn't enough build up to the limo scene, and it felt awkward. They strike me as a couple who start out good friends and become lovers, not a couple who already are.


I caught up with Smash on Sat. night and was bored to tears and the number of commercials added up to longer than the show. Not that that was bad. The show is predictable and doesn't miss a trick. Ellis make me ill - not just the part but the actor. I gave it three episodes and now that's it. Smash is off my list.


Katherine McPhee is just not as powerful like Megan Hilty. McPhee's voice is weak and her acting is so weak as well.


The music was weak, the acting was stiff and forced, the characters are uninteresting, unlikable and unconvincing, and frankly, I've decided now, I really don't care about the behind-the-scenes lives and politics of a Broadway show. None of the story lines are new or different or very interesting.
I've given this show three episodes. Sure, I admit I was skeptical from the beginning, but it seems my skepticism was prophetic. The show tries too hard, entertains too little, and has failed to get me to escape into the shallow, predictable, and incredibly stereotypical cast of characters.
And it is no small thing, the music. We were teased with glittery and over the top production numbers, by episode three we're Celine Dion-ing our way into over-emoting laborious songs and monotonic mediocrity.
DVR event deleted.


Mmmk, I watched it.... some of it... I drifted.

Sarah silva

I liked this episode
Last week I had said that Ivy got the role because she slept with Derek. He was on Team Karen to get the role until she did not sleep with him then he changed his mind and wanted Ivy for the part when she did sleep with him. I have a feeling that it was all end up bad for Ivy. I do not feel sorry for Ivy. I do not think that Derek is that into her, his whole story about why they don't go to his place was such a like if Ivy believed it then she more stupid than I thought.
I really like Karen and Dev. I knew her dad was going to give her money, it was very sweet.
I never liked Ellis and while Julia was a little rude to him, she will not deserved being blackmailed which we all know is what will happen as Ellis heard her confessing her affair to Tom. I do not think that Ellis deserves a cent.
I love Michael he is super hot!


I disagree with the reviewers assessment that Ivy got the part because she slept with the director. SHE DID get that part because she slept with the director. And Ivy is now realizing that. He was all for Karen until Ivy slept with him. Ellis is a turd and needs to be flushed down the toilet!!!!!! That part was SOOOOOOOOOOO predictable.......... I hope Eileen can turn things around in her favor......... You just know something will happen between Julia and Michael....... I can't wait for Karen to find out Ivy is sleeping with the director. I do think this show is getting a little too predictable though........


Have that stopped production of this Glee wannabe yet? Hope so.


*The "Rucj" below is me ... :-)


@USS Biddle - It was more a statement of incredulity, because she's amazing. That finale night was one of the only times I actually voted! I'm glad Katharine McPhee got such a great break with this show.

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