Shameless Review: Expect the Unexpected

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Oh my, Steve!!! It's been a long time since we've seen Justin Chatwin's character - and Fiona's reaction in "Father's Day" said it all.

The sheer surprise on her face spoke volumes, more than the meek little "Hi" she was able to squeak out. You know that feeling when you see the one person you never expected to see and your heart just falls into your stomach and you go momentarily mute? For some reason, that moment shocked me more than all of the other insane stuff Shameless delivers week after week.

Sheila and Frank

For all the jaw-dropping moments, there are also those that ignite your gag reflex, so here I'm going to break it down into the good and the bad:

The Bad

Back to that gag reflex: Cue fishing Eddie's decomposing dead body out of Lake Michigan, Frank's puke stained tank top and Mandy's dad eyeing Debbie once she had proper makeup on. I really just don't buy that Carl and Debbie are only 10 and 11, respectively. Debbie maybe, because she happens to be really smart and mature for her age, but Carl? No.

The fact that Carl listed Little Hank's favorite things as knives, blunts, commandos, switchblades and butterflies is pretty disturbing. How young does it start on the Southside? There's really no adult even blinking that Little Hank was chugging a 40 at a neighborhood BBQ? There are just some things that I don't buy.

Also, if this detective is really so badass at her job that she has over 10 criminals on death row, how could she not find some way to put Frank Gallagher in jail? I could name about seven things off the top of my head to put Frank in jail and I'm just a writer, not a prosecutor. Something tells me that we have definitely not seen the last of this detective.

Since Karen's sex tape with Frank was one of the more sickening acts I've seen, I wasn't happy to see that video resurface. Even though Eddie committed suicide, there is seriously so much evidence against Frank it's almost a joke. Karen is so effed in the head that she told the police she raped Frank when he was heavily medicated and sedated, all because she thinks Frank offed her father.

Don't even get me started on Bev the hooker or Sheila's "bedpan." Don't get me wrong, Joan Cusack is AWESOME in her role, but I was not expecting to see a glass bowl of pee. But that's the point of Shameless right? Expect the unexpected.

The Good

I love Lip, I really do. He does such a fantastic job at straddling the line between trying to do the good thing and totally losing his mind. Lip's fuel in life is to be the anti-Frank. Not a bad motivator! I think we can all agree that it's pretty probable that Karen's baby daddy is Lip. And despite the fact that Karen is out of her damn mind, Lip still loves her. 

By the way, can we mathematically take Frank out of the baby daddy pool? They banged like eight months ago. Jody (aka Keanu), is pretty blah but I don't hate him. For some reason, he is also head over heels for Karen and ready to care for an unborn child that was probably conceived when she was cheating on him. I do love how he cares for Karen and Sheila though. 

The whole BBQ scene when Lip provoked that kid and had the crap beat out of him, was super obvious from a psychological standpoint. Like I said before, Lip tries to be a good guy and deep down I believe he is. But he doesn't know how to handle pain and for some reason physically feeling it makes it easier to grasp. This is probably the reason he was making money participating in a fight club!

I loved seeing Veronica and Kev back on centerstage with a good storyline. I can't believe Kev was getting reading lessons! I just adore him and I adore how obsessed with each other those two are. Veronica's post-it strip tease was reminiscent of the Billy Madison study session in the tent with Veronica Vaughn. I also really like how Ethel has become such a part of the family. Her story about losing her virginity was really sad and I'm into her and Malik as a potential couple. Even if their definitions of "taking care of someone in jail" are vastly different.

Last, but never least, we have Fiona. Once again, she proved that she doesn't need to deal with scumbags in order to make her way in the world. I was kind of hoping that she would clock Richard's skeevy friend. Now that Steve is back, I predict many changes on the horizon. I guess we'll have to tune in next week!

Father's Day Review

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