Ringer Exclusive: Mike Colter on a "Fresh Start" for Malcolm

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Perhaps more than anyone else on Ringer, Malcolm Ward has been through A LOT already this season.

Why does he keep coming back for more? What's next for this character? Mike Colter responded to these and other questions during an exclusive TV Fanatic Q&A last week. In anticipation of tonight's new episode, read through the excerpts below.

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So far this season Malcolm has been kidnapped, tortured, forced to take drugs, and been pulled into Bridget's crazy identity switch. What's it been like to endure such a roller coaster of events in just 13 episodes?
It's always exciting as an actor to be given extreme circumstances to work with. When the show began shooting I knew the character would end up in New York soon, but I wasn't sure how he would get there. From week to week it was always a surprise in the script that I didn't see coming so I stopped trying to get a ahead of it and tried to roll with the punches.

Knowing Bridget has turned Malcolm's life upside down, why does he keep coming back for more?
I'm not really sure to be honest.  In this show you  can never be absolutely certain why anyone is doing anything. You just have to understand the character's scenes and moments while the bigger picture of the arc of the character is in the hands of the writers. I Initially thought it was for love, but that's not the direction the storyline went, so maybe we will learn that Malcolm has other motives that have yet to be revealed to the audience.

What's ahead for Malcolm?
Malcolm does return after a much needed vacation with relatives and finds what he hopes will be a fresh start with a job in Andrew's company. Let's just say Malcolm is quite nosy and tries to do more than the job description requires..

Talk about working with Sarah Michelle Gellar.
It's always a unique experience acting opposite your boss. My first time was with the legend Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby, who was also directing as well as producing. That experience grounded me as an actor. I think every actor should experience this at least once in their career.

Will we be seeing you again on The Good Wife as Lemond Bishop?
It's been a really great experience working with that cast. The writers and producers are top notch.  It does shoot in New York so scheduling is always a concern, but let's just say you shouldn't be surprised if Mr. Bishop shows up before the season is done.

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