Revenge Spoilers Galore: A Wedding, A Flashback, A Death

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By the time this Wednesday's episode of Revenge is over, viewers will know exactly what went down on the beach outside of Daniel and Emily's engagement party.

That was just one major tease offered by series creator Mike Kelley in a recent, wide-ranging interview with E! News. Follow the preceding link to check it out in full and read on for a summary of the spoilers to come...

  • We will not learn Amanda's fate until the end of the season.
  • The 20th episode of the season will focus on a flashback to 2003, centering on Emily's life at the time and based on the photo in Lydia's apartment of Emily as a caterer.
  • Yes, that means we'll see Lydia again; in the flashback and in present day.
  • Season two will open in a similar, flash forward manner to season one. But this time we'll look ahead to Emily's wedding - to Daniel? - on the premiere and once again be caught up to it around episode 15.
  • Season three - yes, season three! - will flash forward to a funeral.
  • A "surprising" death is on the way.

Kelley has given fans plenty to ponder. Who will Emily marry? Who is getting killed off? And how awesome was that Revenge Oscars promo?!? Sound off now with your theories, expectations and hopes.

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