Psych Giveaway: What's Your Favorite Season 6 Scene?

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With season six of Psych resuming on Wednesday, February 29, TV Fanatic is excited to present the easiest, most enjoyable giveaway imaginable. In order to win a prize pack valued at $100, you simply need to do the following:

Watch clips from your favorite USA show. Think you can handle that?

We've teamed up with the network to offer the following items to one lucky Psych-O: A Psych Snuggie; The Psych Season 5 DVD; Psych Coasters; A Pineapple Pillow; Psych Silly Bands

Here is how you win:

  1. Log-in or Register for TV Fanatic. Only registered readers are eligible.
  2. View the following season six clips.
  3. Vote for your favorite in the poll below.
  4. Leave a Comment with your selection and the reason why.

The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only. We'll select a winner on the morning of February 29, the day of Season 6.5 premiere. Ready to watch and enter? And to Tweet your favorite video to #BestOfPsych? Enjoy!


UPDATE: We have chosen a winner! Thank you to all who participated, but we selected someone who truly sounds like a long-time fan: "Psychosomatic," who wrote:

I voted for "Are You Psychic" because... well, let's be real. I, like everyone, have been waiting for Shawn and Juliet to get together since season one. I mean, it's clear he loves her through the whole Yin ordeal, he tried to tell her he loved her in "Death is in the Air" in season four... this is like the FINAL REVEAL. It spells out his feelings for Juliet, in a typical Shawn manner. How could you not love this scene?

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My favorite clip is the lie detector test. I love that Shawn was just as shocked as everyone else when he admitted to loving Juliet. And it was TRUE!


I love all these clips, but I chose Psych clip "out at home", Dead Man's Curveball. It's hilarious with him and Henry fighting and especially suck it, suck home plate. "I'm going to leave before this gets truly embarrassing", "Too late", then he throws home plate, so funny! Love this show!!!


"Waking up Confused" from Last Night Gus. Possibly the best episode of Psych ever.


"Entering The Dark Side"(This Episode Sucks) was just plain AMAZING!!
Shawn+Lestat= Hilarity


"Waking Up Confused" from Last Night Gus. Shawn not being able to remember anything, Lassie and Woody waking up on the couch together, Lassie's "baby" in the fish tank missing three bullets. Just 3 of my favorite parts from that clip and that episode was not stop laughs!


I love the shower cap on Shawn. This was such a funny knod to the hangover


I chose Waking up confused ("Last Night Gus"). It was the best episode of the season so far. I love this scene because it was so funny. "Peaches come back to bed!"


All Psych episodes and clips are hilarious and make this choice extremely difficult. Each Psych clip is different, which is what makes the show such a well rounded series. While Shawn is very childish, in moments like when Shawn is hooked up to the lie detector, you see the intense side of Shawn that would do anything to protect his family and friends. This Shawn is seen in all of the Yin and Yang episodes but rarely seen other than that. This episode shows both the overly dramatic, comedian Shawn and the intense, serious Shawn. It is what makes me love this scene so much. He finally admits how he feels and stands up for his love.


Love the "Are you psychic?" clip, especially when Gus and Jules lean over to see the answer and her little smile at the end!


So many good ones to choose from, but i went with "a sucky crime scene." I just love how worked up Gus gets over wanting to say "Sookie is miiine!"

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