Project Runway Review: Are You Really An All Star?

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See the headline above? That was the question Joanna seemed to be asking as she made her rounds of the work room this week. It had become obvious that not everyone was up to the task of "Putin' On The Glitz."

Rami's ouster last week had everyone on edge. Although life as a Project Runway contestant continued with Austin doing Kenly's hair and Jerell commenting that, although he was shocked, everyone would have to go some time so that he could get his check at the end.

Kara Janx, Jerell Scott and Michael Costello

Rami was a talented designer who pushed the edge and yet one bad week sent him home.

Now the remaining designers had to create an outfit for a rich character from the Broadway show "Godspell." The winner's outfit would be worn on stage and the designer's bio would end up in the Playbill. With a $200 budget at Mood, they were off and running.

As everyone was struggling, Kara and Kenly were doing their best impersonations of a couple of giggly teenage girls. I couldn't decide which was more annoying: Kara and Kenly's squealing or Mila's bitching about it.

Joanna made her rounds. She told Austin his fabrics looked hideous but she knew he could make something fabulous out of it. And she noted that Kenly finally made an outfit out of something besides a polka dot print. 

Then she got to Kara and wondered aloud if her outfit was ambitious enough for All Stars. The answer was no. Kara's designs have been safe and boring all season. Every week I've asked why she's still on the show.

Mondo was having a mini breakdown. At the end of day, he hated what he'd done and was still lamenting the lashing he took from the judges last week. In my head all I could hear was Tim Gunn telling him to make it work.

Finally it's on to the runway and the guest judge was Tony award-winning actress Sutton Foster. The only designer deemed safe was Jerrell and he happily skipped his was off the stage.

The Top 3:

  • Michael: I was waiting for the Chiquita banana comment. It was all I could think when I saw Michael's dress. Georgina actually wanted it to be more eccentric. Sutton liked the party girl look but really couldn't get a read on who this character was.
  • Mondo: I thought it looked like a pair of gaudy pajamas but it did get better when he removed the jacket. However, the judges loved it. Georgina liked the layered fabrics but had an issue with the end of the skirt.
  • Austin: His Marie Antoinette inspired number caught everyone's eye. Sutton loved the color. Georgina and Isaac both said he'd done a great job.

The Bottom 3:

  • Kenly: She went a little overboard on the vintage look which caused Isaac to say this girl looked like she lived in a doorway of the East Village. Georgina said there were too many prints and Sutton was afraid it would all blend together on stage.
  • Mila: Isaac liked the fur jacket and he liked the skirt but together they didn't work. Sutton said this girl reminded her of Pretty Woman before she got pretty. In other words, she's more street walker than the rich party girl Mila was going for.
  • Kara: Angela liked the red skirt but not the big silver bow. Does anyone like a giant bow on their stomach? Isaac said it's the best work he's seen from Kara but it still needed work.

Who's got a look big enough for Broadway? Mondo redeemed himself from last week and won the honors but Austin looked sort of miffed it wasn't him.

So who was going home? It's Kara and it's about damn time. She should have gone home weeks ago. A nice woman but a boring designer. 

Puttin' on the Glitz Review

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