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@carls: I did not know that, so thanks for the spoiler alert. :D


@Dexter Idolizer, you're wrong, Sam's sister is schizophrenic as discussed in Chapter 5 of this season. Addison No, please do not Sam. Poor Charlotte.


Addison should definitely move forward! It's obvious that there's no future with Sam. Give Jake a chance!

As for Charlotte, I feel bad for her just seeing those seconds in the promo. I mean, this whole thing has to be just as difficult for her as everyone else and I'm sure she's just trying to do the best she can for Mason. I hope Cooper doesn't take the whole losing Mason thing against her cause I don't wanna see another fight between them :(


No, Addison! Don't slip back. Move forward. Move onto Jake. It's the right choice!
I'm sorry for Sam's sister, but haven't we already had an addiction storyline? Yeah, what Shonda pulled off for Amelia was great, but don't recycle something so early.
Poor Charlotte, she doesn't need this on top of everything else. Mason is just being a little brat.

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