Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale Pics: Who Gets unmAsked?

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This seems appropriate, doesn't it?

As previously revealed, Pretty Little Liars will unveil the identity - identities? - of A on the March 19 season finale. And what better setting for it than Rosewood's Junior League Masquerade Gala?

ABC Family has released a set of images from the aptly-titled "unmAsked," which promises to both unravel the A mystery and, of course, open up a few new ones, as well. Click through the photos now and think about the only question that really matters: WHO IS A?

Masquerade Gala Pic
Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Scene
A Masked Slow Dance
Mona and Spencer
Costumed Couple
Masks and Mystery
Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale Scene

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So, I've watched episode 1x12 again. the only thing I can come up with that could be a clue is that at the end of the episode you can see when someone puts money in the clown that in the background there is a blond wig. So this must suggest that A is a woman. I couldn't spot anything else from that episode that could be a clue of who A is. I thought maybe it coeld be noel because of how he wrote A. But this would be to obvious. And also someone mentioned dat Ezra writes in capital letters on his board and the note on Hanna's cast was also written in capital letters, but ofcourse it's obvious that A should write in capital letters because otherwise it would be too easy to figure out who A is by matching handwriting.


These dresses look amazing. I wish my city threw a masquerade ball. I cannot wait to find out who is A because then we can get to who killed Alison.


How is that anything these girls wear, they can always look amazing?
Aside from that, I can't wait for the finale. I really hope they beat the crap out of A.


I hate Aria's dress!


I can't believe A will finally be "unmAsked". We've only been waiting for this for forever! I'm hoping the big reveal isn't a major letdown, and we'll get some actual answers to only the dozens of unanswered questions. Also, Aria's dress looks like something the Queen of Hearts in "Alice in Wonderland" would own.

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