Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale Pics: Who Gets unmAsked?

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This seems appropriate, doesn't it?

As previously revealed, Pretty Little Liars will unveil the identity - identities? - of A on the March 19 season finale. And what better setting for it than Rosewood's Junior League Masquerade Gala?

ABC Family has released a set of images from the aptly-titled "unmAsked," which promises to both unravel the A mystery and, of course, open up a few new ones, as well. Click through the photos now and think about the only question that really matters: WHO IS A?

Masquerade Gala Pic
Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Scene
A Masked Slow Dance
Mona and Spencer
Costumed Couple
Masks and Mystery
Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale Scene
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Are you bitches ready to stop playing hide and seek? -A


theres a few people who i suspect but the did say its different than the books so i know it isnt mona or the ally twin thing!


Its Mona but its also ally twin sister Courtney ally has a twin sister and wen she wen to vist ha mother and father got into it and sent da wrong twin baq to da crazy house so dats wen Courtney took her place


I think that A is: Mona, Ally, or her twin sister, as well as others. Jason, Melissa, Jenna, Garret, and Mia also seem very guilty in general, and could part of the A clan. Maybe Ally is not dead? Or her twin has taken over her life? Can't wait until next week... I'm pretty sure that there is more than one A.


it may be wren, remember how he was massaging spencer in season 1 and then A gave emily a massage to and both were apparantly very good? He works in the hosiptal so it gives him reason being able to have access to the morgue, and also ment he could have autographed Hannas leg while she was in hospital after being hit by a car. He was also the one that gave emily the test results which showed changes in HGH and he could have easily made that up. He is also in town not regulary, but enough not too be a minor character. In doctor sullivan's office 'nosey bitched die', the correct spelling is nosy, but the UK spell it with an E, and wren has the accent soo....


Personally, I don't really have a theory as to who "A" might be, but I think the culprit(s) might be people like Ben, Sean, or Alex. Spoilers have stated that "A" has a special connection with Emily, suggesting that "A" might be a former love interest of hers. Ben was in ep. 2.13 as well as Season 1, so maybe he tried to cheat on Emily with Alison (via attempted rape), but she wasn't up for it (causing him to seek vengence by becoming "A"). and Marlene King sad that "A" has aspecial connection with emily


I believe its mya! lol mona noel lucus and the nat club! I also think the liars killed ally! I think they played a part in the death!


Dayum Caleb's like Zorro - sexy sexy sexy


I think its MonA -- friends with Hannah,HATED Allison(motive) Befriended Hannah the summer ally went missing. Hannah shares secrets with her. Has nice big eyes. through out the series does questionable things to get even closer in she could have two cell phones and sent her an A txt or paid someone to send it... to get even closer! Has been i Hannahs house. ALWAYS around like when Hannah was hit by the car she made a remark. She may not have killed ally, but has motives each of them were cruel to her she defeninatly is an A suspect! and NOT working alone


My guess would be Noel. During the last scene with the psychiatrist, the waitress called A as "pretty eyes". When Mona and Noel broke up, she said something like she can't get over him because "of his eyes". Well its just a guess, I could be wrong :P

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Spencer: A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
Hanna: Did Ali say that?
Spencer and Mona: No, Churchill did.

Do you wanna be my friend or not? Lately, I feel like you're everybody's friend but mine.

Mona [to Hanna]