Pretty Little Liars Review: Code of Continued Silence

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Another week and another action-packed episode of Pretty Little Liars. There's a lot to cover and, unfortunately, despite the heartbreaks, the blackmail, and one very drunk Spencer, we still didn't get much closer to solving any of the show's mysteries.

"Breaking the Code" provided some really big pieces of evidence, but did any really lead anywhere?

Unhappy Mona

Jonah only gives Aria and Spencer an address attached to an old burn phone used to text Alison. When the girls investigate the house, they just find a bunch of mail and an old man staying in the abandoned home. At least we got something," Aria said, but I couldn't help but think: VERY little.

It was pretty frustrating until Hanna (strangely enough!) started investigating the name of the law firm on the mail. Her mother revealed that Melissa used to work as an intern at that firm until it closed down.

After watching the video Caleb sent to Hanna, all signs point to Melissa for the girls. But Spencer isn't ready to accept that. In the past, I've really hated the way she rigidly applies their "rules" to everyone else but makes special exceptions for herself. She's also quick to judge any new suspect rather harshly. However, this time I can totally sympathize with her position.

Spencer has had to deal with a lot of revelations and it couldn't have been easy to watch her sister blow her off for creepy stalker Garrett. The whole thing was made worse by Wren's comment that Garrett accompanied Melissa to her last doctor's appointment.

Speaking of Wren, I thought it was nice of him not to take advantage of a hilariously (and embarrassingly) drunk Spencer. Spencer shouldn't have been so reckless as to try and solve her problems with alcohol. Plus, hooking up with Wren is not the best idea, especially when she's adamant about protecting others from A. Not to mention the fact that she seems to have forgotten about Toby pretty quickly... even though she just mentioned how devastated she was to lose him. Is it really so awful to be single for a little while?

So, what's Melissa's role in all of this? She's finally going to talk to her sister, but do we really expect her to come clean? I think, given her relationship with Ian, Melissa probably had a violent confrontation with Alison the night of her death, but doesn't want anyone to assume she killed her. But I'm sure there's a lot more to it.

Also, I guess it makes sense that A is starting to threaten people other than the titular liars. Mona seems like an easy target, but I was impressed by her loyalty to Hanna. She's always a much better friend to Hanna than Hanna ever is to her. Maybe that will change now that she's one of A's targets. It was good to see the girls welcome Mona to their table and their daily drama. Who else might be on A's contact list?

Or maybe... Mona is working with A and this is part of an elaborate plan to take down the group from the inside??? It would be a pretty smart move and we already know how clever Mona really is.

Regardless, we already know that A is causing trouble for people other than Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer. Now A is starting to make parents like Ella and Ashley very suspicious. How long will the girls be able to keep their "A problem" a secret?

Emily spent most of the episode moping over her fight with Maya. I do applaud Emily for avoiding jumping into another relationship with Paige. She's been bouncing from girl to girl since she came out of the closet and it was good that she realized (unlike Spencer) that making out with a new person wasn't going to help her problem. BUT the big question is: Qhat happened to Maya? Did she just run away or did something worse go down?

Finally, Ezra's seriously considering that job in Louisiana, which led to Aria's total breakdown. Her little tantrum about the loss of her secret boyfriend was understandable, but unfair to Ella. And, I couldn't help but notice how detached Ezra seemed when he suggested he and Aria face the truth. He drove away while watching her cry and didn't seem very affected by it.

Did Ezra find something in Louisiana he wants more than Aria?


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I love how the parents are starting to realize the existence of "A". C'mon Mama Marin and Mama Montgomery...Ask Mama Fields and Mama Hastings and the four of you could form Pretty Big Liars? Lol.


Melissa/spencer/phone: first of all would not have left my phone on the table and taken the laptop with me as well. I've never liked melissa, and do not trust her now or ever unless she gives spencer the truth. always knew her hands were not squeaky clean in all this. Has anyone considered that vivianne (sp) is not allison? Wat if she had a twin ?The girls just assumed vivianne was allison without question. I think the id was real, and that vivienne is allisons twin, and the one pulling the strings. I think vivienne is crazy, killed her sister after torturingI her and thats who is doing this to them. Or the twin is buried In allisons grave and allis the bitc in hiding playing everyone......I dunno, but I think theres a player we dont know about yet.


Hannah and caleb- missed caleb, hope hes back next week. Glad hannah told mona. Didn't really have a problem with hannah this week :) Computer - my biggest issue with this episode has to do with the technological devices and how much they were neglected. have these girls really learned nothing? How many times has "evidence" disappeared, been destroyed, or been stolen? Constantly! So the fact that they just left the laptop on the table in a house, unattended pisses me off. I would have carried out with me everywhere and would have hidden a couple switch blades on my person to protect it and myself until it was turned over to the police. One in boot, one in bra.


Wren and spencer - I lived seeing spencer let go and have fun, shes always so tightly wound. I like wren more than, ya I'm either way on that one. I did not like however that she was so quick to give her sister the benefit of the doubt but anyone else who looks guilty no matter who they are, she immediately wants to turn then over to the police.


I would have went to the police a long time ago our told an adult everything, and I mean everything. The fear I would have for A would go above and beyond anything else that they had on me. I hope that kannada hannahs mom and that cop dont just get scared and actually try to figure out who this us and actually help the girls. Ezra and aria - Im sorry but my heart swelled with happiness when ella said she was there to listen, I half expected it to be byron though. I love aria and ezra, and if you actually think about it, besides the teacher thing they have done nothing wrong, and if 16 really is the age of consent in pa then they really have done nothing wrong. I love them and hope that ella likes and believes wat they tel her. Wren and spencer -


Is no one else excited that other people are starting to find this A character suspicious? I am elated beyond belief! And I am actually excited at the idea of the group bringing in mona (until I read this review it didn't occur to me that she could be working with A - but, if she is then why is A making her turn herself in? Unless she really didn't and lied, but im gonna give mona the benefit of the doubt here, at least til was know if she really returned the necklace and got in trouble) I think the more people who know the harder it would be for A to hurt them, strength in numbers. Continued......


Its so funny that people always bring up the age differences when commenting on this show! Its NOT real life people!Celebrities and people in real life sometimes date people 20 years their senior! It is not a big deal.I like Aria and Ezra together and I am glad her mom FINALLY figured out that by forbidding them to be together they will just find ways around it or worse she might never see her daughter again! Finally she came to her senses! I have always liked Wren with Spencer. He is so kind and sweet and he seems like he wants to protect her in a nice way.I really like Mona but there aren't many girls who would have done that after the way Hannah treated her. She ignored her, blew her off constantly, and then when she was with her was always focused on other things.
I am half excited for next weeks episode but half not because the way the episodes have been going I feel like even when they make it seem like we've found out a lot, not much comes of it so we shall see....


Age is a state of mind. In PA, the age of consent is 16, so legally Byron can only report that Ezra dated a student. (as did Byron!)
I like Ezra and Aria together. She is not a 'space cadet'& is mature beyond her years (as is Spencer.) Melissa is lightyears more immature than Spencer.


I like spencer with wren they have much more chemistry, I don't really care about ezra and aria, I hate paige, and I hope maya is not dead because I like her with emily, hanna didn't really do much in this episode, and I like mona because she didn't do anything with that photo she is actually a good friend I just hope she is not A or working for him/her or them.


Stella, 99% of progress on the mysteries are dead ends or red herrings. Unless we get concrete verification, nothing is actual progress.

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