Pretty Little Liars Clips: Fathers, Daughters and Detectives

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This Monday on Pretty Little Liars marks the Rosewood Father/Daughter Dance.

But it's the interaction between a mother and a detective that stands out the most in the following sneak peeks from "Father Knows Best."

What is Hanna's mother being asked to do? Who sees her having an exchange with Wilden? What is Hanna's reaction to that scene? The answers await, as we've posted four clips from the upcoming episode. View them now and then visit our Pretty Little Liars spoilers section for a look at the March 19 season finale.

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Melissa is not 'A'! Gosh. How naive.


@wtf THE PROBLEM IS THAT EZRA WAS HER TEACHER!!!!!!!!! He should have stopped what they were doing and tried to get a new job if he really wanted to be with her and there be the technicalities besides age. DUHHHHHHH!!!!


I love love PPL! Each person each plot everything! But im tired of Ezria and want Aria ANd Jason! I love Wren but,love toby! I like toby n emiky ..


ihope to now whats gone happing to emily and iwant to now why pige back and ihope to see aclip for emily in this episode to now whats come up and iwant to now where is maya god where is she did going is she coming back or what


whats happing to emily whats about to her now cuz maya missing and whats gone to do and why is pige come back cuz thers asomthing to her come back to the show is she her and emily somthing happing between them or what ther is no clip for emily


got a feeling mona is lying and hoping wilden is a good guy trying to help hannah unlike garett nd the whole ezra thing is getting boring now i want her with jason!!


lol at hanna's hair, it looks ridics, they should comb it to make the curls natural anywaysssss I really don't like the styling from Aria anymore! At first it was really nice styles together etc and now it's just craaaaap


I've got the feeling Holly Marie Combs will leave the show(mean gets killed by "A")! She is medling to much! And it would be a huge hit for the show!
Love HmC, ever since she is the most powerful witch ever ;) Hope she get a new show!


i dont get it, why is it okay for spencer to hook up with a doctor and it's not okay for aria to date ezra who is a first years teacher wth


Don't immediately jump to conclusions Hanna about your mom. I think Mona is lying again because if she did community service work then wouldn't she be caught on camera like Hanna was since she is the second most popular girl in school. I love the tension between Hanna mom and that officer and thought they was kinda hot when PLL first started and I wouldn't mind them sneaking around a bit.

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So, what? I got chased by a hobo for nothing.


You know they say the punishment's supposed to fit the crime, but this community service gig is like the ninth circle of hell.