Parks and Recreation Review: Urinal Detainment

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Louis C.K. came back to reprise his role from Season 2 as Officer Dave in the aptly-titled "Dave Returns," and his appearance really shined a light on just how far Parks and Recreation has come.

An Awkward Dinner

It’s hard to believe that Parks ever had to win us over as an audience. But there was a time when Leslie wasn’t very fun to be around, Ron wasn’t Ron and Ann and Andy were once in a relationship.

Dave, who used to be the straight-laced cop, came back a little crazy. He was fumbling around with his words, having trouble getting his point across and generally being just a little bit off from where we left him. I get that he still had a few hang-ups over Leslie, and he now has to deal with Ben who, in comparison, is a much better fit for Leslie.

But, honestly, none of that matters because Dave handcuffed Ben to a urinal. How hilarious is that? I can’t wait for that clip to make its way all over the Internet. And, of course, Ben then called Leslie to come rescue him. It was such a Ben thing to do... and something I would totally do too. Still, Dave, I have to commend your brilliant plan, I really thought you had Ben there.

Speaking of Ben, the other straight-laced guy, he got to be just a little crazy today as well with his (deathly) phobia of cops. So much of Parks relies on physical comedy, presence and small knowing looks between characters, as well as the mockumentary style with which it's filmed. Which is usually where Leslie gets a lot of her appeal and comedy from, but Ben took her throne this week.

Watching him dodge all of those cops like a kid avoiding cracks in the sidewalk was awesome.

As for the rest of the episode, well, some parts were better than others. The theme song was a great way of getting the rest of the cast together, and getting to touch upon things (again) way back in Season 2 with Ron as his saxophone-wielding alter ego Duke Silver and April helping him protect his secret identity.

I still have reservations about Tom and Ann, though. I didn’t have much faith in whatever they were for exactly tonight’s reasons. What, precisely, is here for me to root for? How am I supposed to cheer on a couple when the only reason they’re going to try again is because he “wore her down?" I mainly feel bad for Ann because Tom was so over the top with her that she’s essentially going out with him again out of pity.

Other thoughts:

  • If April is protecting Ron’s secret identity, does that make her the Alfred to his Batman? The Lois Lane to his Superman?
  • Chris didn’t have much to do this week, except crossing singing off of his resume. (He is fallible!)
  • Endorsing beer sounds like a great idea.
  • April saying groovy.
  • One of Tom's Facebook friends is named Emily Thorne. I should probably be nicer to Tom before I get Revenge killed.

What did everyone else think of the episode? Was Ben's urinal cuffing that funny or am I just a sucker for potty humor? (Terrible pun, I apologize) Be sure to leave us a comment and then vote on some of your favorite Parks and Recreation quotes!

Dave Returns Review

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