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I liked this episode very much. I don't think Wendy is long term for Tony, however, she does need to show up again if Tony is going to deal with his past. Wendy was the cause, so that's what he needs to make peace with. I am Not a Tiva fan. I do not want to see Ziva and Tony together. I would much rather see Tony find someone outside the team. I love Ziva, but I don't think that she should get involved with Tony, that would make it very complicated at work.

I love how Tony and McGee's relationship has evolved over the years. Tony does not put him down nearly as much as he used to and gives McGee credit now and then. Big change. McGee actually understands Tony more and they seem to be friendly towards each other. I loved the car scene. Ducky hit Tony's problem right in the Morgue scene, he needs to deal with the past and not make the same mistakes Gibbs has made.


Did not care for this episode. To have to rewrite a characters history to make a story fit just seems wrong. We all know that Tony has issues with commitment and loosing a parent at a young age and having the other one not set a good example is enough of a reason to have this issue.There was no need for Wendy.
Each time a writer changes something about Tony they're making things worse. Tony was an interesting , caring, smart man but with all these "things" that have occurred with Tony since mid last season he is being protrayed as a sad screwed up person.That is not the Tony I watched before or want to see, now. Makes me wonder how he ever passed his psy eval to become a cop and later an NCIS agent.


I was very happy with the episode, and unlike most, I quite liked Wendy, too -- but then, I also liked C.J., so what do I know? Admittedly, I wouldn't want to see Tony end up with either of them, but that's a different matter.

I'm most impressed with how they've dealt with Tony's character throughout the course of the show. Years ago we were told (by Ducky) that Tony was a lot like a young Gibbs. This connection has been growing in wonderfully subtle ways.

When I first started watching NCIS, Tony was the one character I didn't like. He struck me as the "comedy relief," and it annoyed me because a crack team of investigators can't afford someone whose only talent is goofing off. But it only took a few episodes to realise that Tony was far more than that.


So far, the best fit for Tony has been the tadpole. (What else to call the Frog's daughter?) I'll wait for this to come back around, thanks!


I didn't like Wendy either. She seemed like every other woman Tony dated. Maybe that's why.


Wendy just didn't do it for me last night - I don't see her with Tony. They both need to realize that what 'was 9 years' ago is so different from what 'is now'.... Ducky is just the right person/advisor to help Tony get it straight. Gibbs has just seen the light - or so we are led to believe, and is too close to be the big advisor to Tony. Conflict of interest. Ziva is unusually quiet these days and we need to see what is up with "CI Ray" now that he is conveniently out of the country. I predict that both Tony and Ziva will again come to emotional loggerheads this season after the "other infuences" in their lives have been resolved. Consummated? maybe not....but defenitly closer.


Poll mean nothing beside not everyone who love NCIS has a computer and come on these things

I am just happy to see Tony being treated like a man by a woman who love and respect them we have not seen that since Kate and Jenna


You know Kate is dead, right ? And she was totaly into Gibbs when she was alive . Do you think she should be with Tony when she is dead ? Lol...


Steve - Good review. I think you summed up how I felt about the episode. Nice to see the team back working together on a very funny ep (well done Mr. Binder), especially after that VERY weird 200th last week. So many funny parts that made me laugh. I think the Wendy-Tony-Ziva Observation room scene was my favorite though. That was VERY symbolic for a number of reasons. Brilliant. I didn't think Wendy was all that bad..IF she is helping to serve a greater purpose, here. But I DON'T want to see Tony in an intimate relationship - yet again - with another woman. Especially not his Ex after all these years. How tacky is THAT?!! If Tony was "the One", she would have married him, period. Not some other man in the meantime, and then when he doesn't work out..go out and find the one who WASN'T really The One, but he is The One at present, now that you are divorced, and lonely and you want a man. If Tony falls for that trap yet again, he's an Idiot.


Hey, Michael, did you check out the poll above -- who "fans" can envision Tony with?

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